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While we all know that the Mercury retrograde can mean bad news for clear communications, electronic efficiency and our relationships, most people don’t understand that it affects our bodies, too.

On July 7th, Mercury appeared to orbit backward, or in retrograde, and until July 31st, this strange phenomenon will continue. And while we probably have all noticed a difference in our communication and how we express ourselves, we may not realize what is causing the strange emotions we are feeling. Are you feeling as though you are dragging?

Have you had issues motivating yourself to meet deadlines? Perhaps, you have fallen ill suddenly and without reason? Chances are, it’s retrograde. According to Helen Frost, an astrologer,

“This Mercury retrograde is a particularly potent one since Mercury turned backward in fire sign Leo and exact conjunction with fiery Mars and also in a strong connection with both Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and Chiron, the planet of wounding/healing. Being wedged between two eclipses ups the charge of this.”

She further explains to Bustle that during this time, we may be feeling some very intense energies, and even feel as though we are buzzing with creative energy. However, it’s all in how we use this energy. Unfortunately, while some of us may have more energy, others may not have enough. Some may even feel frazzled with immense energy and no focus to place it.

The best approach? Most astrologers advise against making life-changing decisions or changing relationships during this time. Also, if you feel as though you are lacking or seeping with energy, it may be best to work with it the best you can. Try meditating, and focus your attention to mindfulness exercises. Until the end, remember, you are doing your best! Take advantage of the creative bursts, but be attentive to how you react.