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Soulmates and life partners are very different and yet still similar in some ways. Sometimes we think life partners are soulmates only to find out later that they are not and so forth.

A soulmate is someone who is sent to challenge your soul, forcing you into transcending into a higher level of consciousness and making you more aware in general. This is usually someone who is with us only for a short time and not our whole lives. While a life partner is meant to be a friend who makes you feel secure. They are your companion and will be there for you to lean on through whatever life throws at you. You will both love and respect one another.

We all want to meet and experience everything that comes with being with our soulmates but sometimes in life, we can have more than one soulmate even as we must learn different lessons. We cannot force a soulmate to come forward as it is something we only obtain when we are ready.

People often mistakenly think soulmates are supposed to be with you forever, but they are not. Oftentimes the relationships that come with them are far too intense and just do not work. You will feel a strong energetic connection with your soulmate and of course it will feel as if you have known them forever.

Spending years obsessing over trying to find our soulmates does us no good. We fail to realize what it is we truly want. We want a life partner. Someone who will be there for us through everything and someone who will love us for who we are on the inside. Of course, if you really want to find a soulmate and aren’t interested in a life partner you will need to find out who your true self is and follow your heart.

When you are done with the soul lessons and decide it is time to settle down it is most likely you will end up with a life partner. This being because it is what you have wanted all along but was oblivious to. Soulmates are great and come with wonderful life lessons, but they are not permanent because they rarely stick around. They are meant to teach and move on not linger.

Meeting your life partner does not have to be a spiritual experience and it doesn’t have to be something you prepare for. It just requires you to put yourself out there and accept what is given to you. That being said in some cases the soulmate and life partner can be one in the same this happens when you and your life partner connect on a much deeper level. In a relationship with a soulmate, you will be experiencing huge shifts in your life while with a life partner everything is based on physically present events. You do not have a past life with your life partner but you can have a wonderful life with them just the same.

Don’t dismiss a life partner just because you think soulmates are what is most important. Sometimes the past is not as important as the present and the present is not as important as the future. You can have a future with them. They can be forever.