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There is no denying the power that your subconscious mind holds over you. While you might not be able to really understand yourself, tapping into the unknown is a great means of working towards it.

Now, we as human beings all have our own traits and some of those traits are much more dominant/prominent in some than they are in others. For instance, while I might be adventurous you might be very closed-off in regards. If you want to better understand your most dominant trait, you came to the right place.

Below you will find an image consisting of several very unique trees. The tree that you are most drawn to will reveal to us more about you and who you are as a person in this world. Before choosing a tree really ask your inner self what tree best represents who you are and then pick the one that draws you in the most.

After choosing your tree you should take a moment to consider what you think just based of the feeling it brings forth that it could mean for you. What does this tree have to say about you and how does it relate to your life? For a better understanding in regards take a peek below at what your tree makes clear.

(Trees are numbered as first row from left to right 1 and 2, then second row left to right 3 and 4.)

Tree #1: Compassion

Your most dominant trait is your sense of compassion. You’re always there for those in need and taking care of the people in your life. When you see someone suffering you cannot help but put forth a hand that is extended. When you’re able to do something and make a difference, you do it.

Some of us are wired big time for more compassion and you are one of those people. You, however, are sometimes compassionate to a fault. You let people take advantage of you and that is nowhere near okay, period.

Tree #2: Patience 

Your most dominant trait is your patience. You are so patient and willing to wait things out. You do not rush and always give time to those who need it. 

Most people really struggle with patience and so it’s important to you that you work with others to help them cultivate more of it. You are through being so patient much freer overall. While some people might claim that this kind of thing holds you back but you know it does not.

Tree #3: Optimism

While we are all optimistic on some level, your most dominant trait is optimism. You are able to keep your mind in a positive state on a level that some people might never even be able to imagine. You are through being so optimistic not usually as stressed as everyone else and more able to face experiences properly.

You always look at the glass as half-full versus half-empty. Life is more positive for you than it is for most others and it shows. While you can help others to be more optimistic unless they’re willing to let go of negativity it will not get them very far.

Tree #4: Creativity 

Your most dominant trait is your creativity. You are so smart and able to use your mind in some of the most amazing ways. You are talented and able to achieve anything you want within reason. 

The more passion you find the more you’re capable of and it shows. Don’t let anyone squash this side of you. Without your creativity, you are not ‘who you are’ on a real level.