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While we might think we are attracted to a certain kind of person, maybe their zodiac sign has more control over than that we have noticed. Have you ever stopped to consider what signs your partners of the past were and if that might have had something to do with ‘why’ things ended?

The perfect partner for you is out there and so is the perfect partner for everyone or everyone else’s perfect partners’. While you might not be aware just yet, the stars could be calling you to be by someone’s side. Below I am going to go over the star signs and which ones are the most compatible. In general, it doesn’t seem like much this kind of thing could be the difference between ‘forever alone’ and ‘married.’

The Traits Your Perfect Partner Will Hold, According To Your Zodiac Sign:


Your best match would be someone who is just as outgoing and firey as you are. You would be best suited in a relationship with someone who was or is a Sagittarius or a Leo. The two of you challenge one another and enjoy sharing the spotlight, there is no jealousy. Have you ever dated any of those signs?


Taurus and Cancer usually go hand in hand but not in a bad way. You normally don’t know your own limits, but he/she reminds you of them. While jealousy is always going to be a problem, you cannot help but laugh.


While it might not seem like much at all, the Gemini is all over the place. His or her perfect match will be someone who is able to keep up. There are not many signs who can manage this so the Leo is truly supreme.


The Cancer’s perfect partner is someone who already has their life together. Someone who doesn’t need to be fixed in the ways that most who surround them do. Cancer’s tend to find themselves more focused on those who are damaged than those who are already doing well which is oftentimes their downfall. Being with someone who isn’t going to take advantage of them is important and while they can find that in someone who is strong, outspoken, and driven they have to battle within before really allowing the relationship to fluorish. If you’re a Cancer perhaps dating outside of your comfort zone in some ways might benefit you.


While Cancer and Leo are a very unlikely pair, they work. The more they do the more they accomplish, and they know that well. These two are very powerful when together, they refuse to allow the world to bring them down.


Virgos love to be around other people, they find comfort in even the most unexpected individuals. If you are a Virgo chances are you really like to be around Taurus’ and Aquarius’. Both of these signs provide you with a lot of stability.


Sure, Libra people can be a bit closed off and frustrating but they too deserve love. Their perfect partner might not be found as easily as most others but he or she is out there. Libras tend to be drawn to Cancers and Capricorns but neither of those signs will do the Libra any good. The best matches for a Libra are those who are not constantly looking to make up for their own shortcomings. Libras need adventure and stability at the same time which can only be found in those who are full of passion and willing to push their own limits.


Scorpio and Sagittarius together might be a lot more trouble than they think but in all the best possible ways. These two signs when together bring out the best in one another. Scorpio reminds the Sag to settle down and holds things in place properly.


While you are a very independent person, you also love ‘love.’ The Sagittarius needs someone who can be clingy without over-doing things. The more balanced your partner is the better matched they are for you.


As a Capricorn, you are quite witty and charming. You know how to sweep others off of their feet, and they know how to read you like an open book whether you can sense it or not. The sign you are most compatible with is the Gemini but not for the reasons you might think. Sure, you’re very different from one another but on the romantic scale, you are a perfect fit.


You being an Aquarius tend to keep your heart on your sleeve. You open up too quickly and allow everyone in too soon. You should work to find a Virgo to be with, he or she will really lighten the mood more than you might ever imagine. This could kick off something spectacular.


While you might be a bit creative, that creativity won’t get you where you want to be. Your ideal partner is someone who loves you for you and sees you outside of the things you create. You are a homebody who loves to just relax and your partner needs to be the same. It seems you’re a great match for someone close to you whether you can see it yet or not. The months to come might really change who you are.