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While empaths and narcissists seem to be extremely attracted to one another, they are not a match that should be made. As an empath, you should avoid narcissists at all costs for your own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Before we dive into why these two are no good for one another it is important to go over each in general so that you can see just how different they are. The empath is someone who works to do good in this world and the narcissist is the exact opposite. When you place a selfless person before a selfish person nothing good will ever come from it.

Empaths are people who were placed here to help others. They are able to feel the emotions that other people are feeling and really absorb them as if they were their own. Empaths are always healing the people around them and feeding compassion to the people who need it the most.

Narcissists, on the other hand, are always very self-centered. They think about their own needs and nothing more. Everyone they come in contact with is someone they think they can use to get where they want to be. Narcissists are very wounded in a lot of ways and have ended up in a mind space that will not allow them to grow emotionally.

No matter what it seems empaths are always surrounded by narcissists. Narcissists seek empaths out as they are a good supply for the attention and energy that they seek. The empath sees the narcissist as someone who needs healing and from there they refuse to give up on them.

The longer that the empath is with the narcissist the more unhealthy the relationship will become. The empath is continuously drained and brought down while the narcissist is able to achieve more of the things that he or she has been planning out. This kind of relationship is one of the most toxic because of how seriously one-sided it is and the efforts within it are.

This kind of thing ends with the empath finally realizing his or her worth and leaving the narcissist or the narcissist deciding that there is something ‘better’ out there and abandoning the empath altogether. Either way, this kind of coupling doesn’t ever work. If you’re an empath standing beside a narcissist who refuses to give you the efforts you deserve, do what’s best for you and cut ties.