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There are tons of beautiful crystals all over this amazing planet but not all of them are as harmless or as beneficial for us as we might think. Actually, some of the most eye-catching ones can be quite deadly.

Below I am going to go over some of the most deadly crystals that we currently know of today. These are all quite mesmerizing but should be viewed from a distance for the most part. They are truly fascinating but some of them have brought forth devastation in certain areas.

(Please keep in mind these are in no specific order.)

10 Most Deadly But Captivating Crystals This World Has To Offer:

1. Coloradoite

This mineral is basically a metallic opaque seemingly iron looking formation that is quite toxic. While it is rare, it is something no one should be handling. If carelessly handled you could risk serious poisoning. When heated deadly vapor and dust is released by this mineral, it is quite scary, beautiful, but scary.

2. chalcanthite

This blue mineral is one of the most beautiful by fat but it is rarely seen in nature. While it tastes sweet it should not be licked or anything of the sort as it is poisonous. When it is placed in water it dissolves and turns the solution blue.

3. Stibnite

While this one is pretty it is dangerous. It can be found naturally in places like Japan or Romania but is a poisonous mineral. When using this for any reason you need to wash your hands afterward. If not you run the risk of becoming ill as it is an ore of antimony.

4. Torbernite

This almost translucent jade looking crystal is made of uranium found within granite. It is rare but also should be handled carefully. While they are not radioactive technically they can release deadly radon gas if they get too hot.

5. Hutchinsonite

This is one of my favorite crystal based off appearance alone but sadly it is quite deadly. Because it is made up of the natural blending of lead, thallium, and arsenic. If you handle it too much you could experience sickness or hair loss (or worse).

6. Cinnabar

This if heated or disturbed could really change things for the person near it. It releases mercury that can cause a person to have serious reactions. It forms near volcanoes and should be avoided.

7. Arsenopyrite

This one is a ‘fool’s gold’ and can do a lot of damage. It is basically arsenic iron sulfide. It will produce a garlic scent when heated or disturbed and deadly vapors will follow. Just handling it is enough to bring you in contact with something you do not want to be in contact with.

8. Orpiment

This one is also another favorite of mine based on the appearance. It is made up of arsenic and sulfur and can release deadly neurotoxins. You need to avoid touching this one at all costs. I for one will only view from a distance if ever given the chance.

9. Chrysolite (Asbestos)

This one is something that can truly ruin a person. The more you are around it the more you will struggle to be able to breathe. Asbestos deposits consist of thousands of tiny fibers and those get lodged in the human lungs with ease. This will completely end a person’s life.

10. Galena

This one can be found in several different regions and is quite pretty it looks harmless but is not harmless at all. It can cause lead poisoning to those who are exposed to it and if you allow it to be present for too long you are only damning yourself.

If you ever come in contact with one of these please be careful. Remember how deadly they can be and take your own wellbeing into consideration. While I am sure we can all agree they are marvelous they are also something we need to stay away from.

(Image Via: WikiCommons)