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Being pregnant is a different experience for each of us, but there is one takeaway that is universal about the experience: it’s transformative. Even more universal is how quickly this transformation takes place.

Please, keep in mind that this article is not intended to bring negative or unhappy thoughts to those who are enduring a bad pregnancy. If that is you, before you continue, if you feel like this article may be triggering, please click away. We intend to celebrate the beauty and miracle of pregnancy with those who share our belief that the experience is a wonderful one to be a part of.

If that is where you stand, here are 10 amazing things about being pregnant that you will relate to.

1. Feeling empowered by your body.

There is nothing more empowering than realizing that you are the miracle of life. That your body can create another whole person. Yes, there are many uncomfortable and even annoying things about pregnancy- but when you think about it, being pregnant is the epitome of living out your life’s purpose.

2. That hair, though.

If you know, you know. There are no better hair days than the days of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your hair will grow thicker and in much better shape than ever before.

3. Extra naps.

Perhaps one of my favorites is the fact that you can take more naps and you don’t need an excuse. All you have to do is a yawn, point to your stomach, and go lay down. No one is going to judge you, you are making a baby in your body.

4. The VIP treatment.

When you are pregnant, people are far more likely to do things for you. People on the bus move to give you their seat. People in lines move and let you in front of them. And people in the waiting room stand up and point to their seats while smiling and asking you how far along you are. Bask in this as long as you can.

5. No more periods.

Okay, I know I said naps were the best, but let’s talk about how you don’t have a full-on period for months. Not only do you get to not have to buy tampons or pads, but you don’t have to deal with the other things that come with having a period, either.

6. You always have a great excuse to cancel plans.

For those of you who are introverted, you are going to love this. If someone invites you out and you don’t want to go- just tell them you are having pregnancy fatigue. They will give you an instant pass.

7. You can enjoy comfy clothes more often.

Even clothes that look nice are comfier than regular clothes. You get to wear jeans with stretchy waists, pretty flowy dresses, and shirts, and really if you wanted to lounge in PJs all day around the house, no one will judge.

8. It’s a one-of-a-kind intimacy experience.

There is no more intimate an experience than growing another person inside of your body and bonding with them through the process. You get to know that little one, well before you ever meet them. And not to mention how it will feel on an intimate level knowing that you’ve made a whole person with your partner.

9. It’s an opportunity to slow down.

In a busy and chaotic world, it’s nice sometimes to slow down and just take it easy. When you are pregnant, there is no better time to slow down. Stressing yourself and pushing yourself isn’t good for anyone, especially the baby you are growing in your body. So, don’t feel guilty for slowing down.

10. Maternity leave.

Towards the end of your pregnancy (in some cases directly after, depending on your job) you are placed on maternity leave. For a certain number of weeks, you get paid time off from your job to spend with your little one.