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Mom blogger and child development psychologist Becky has a blog on Your Modern Family where she shares information from both a personal and professional place. In a recent blog post, she explains that every day she always says these three words to her children.

If you are like me, you probably assumed the words were ‘I Love You.’ And while those are good words to say to your child each day, they aren’t the words she is talking about. Instead, she explains how no matter what your child’s age is, there are going to be struggling.

Even in pre-school, they are likely to have a toy snatched out of their hand, or be knocked down by a bigger child. As they edge into elementary school, their best friend may move away. And during middle school, they will likely be exposed to things that challenge their values. It’s never-ending.

And while as parents, we could spend our days hoarding our kids in little plastic bubbles at home, it’s not likely the best approach for them. Thankfully, Becky has a solution, and it’s as simple as three little words. Words have power and as parents, it’s our job to guide our children and empower them.

The three words Becky says are so important from toddlerhood into adulthood are ‘Make Good Choices.’

While this may sound quick and to the point and perhaps even vague, these three words send so many messages, Becky explains. And I have to agree. These words are a reminder to use the values they have been taught, to think for themselves, and use their best decision-making skills, even if that means walking away from a bully, rather than becoming a bully themselves.

These three words may sound simple, but they are supportive, encouraging, and empowering.

But don’t stop at these three words. Other three-word phrases that are empowering include: I trust you. I love you. Just be yourself. And of course, You’ve got this!