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We are all afraid of something, no matter who we are. As a matter of fact, most of us are afraid of a lot of different things.

As you may know, we can tell a lot about a person based off of their zodiac signs alone but, did you know we could figure out one of their fears with it as well? We can! Take a look at the list below and let us know what your zodiac sign is afraid of.

Aries: Failing

The Aries feels like he or she must always be at the top. The Aries is terrified of losing everything and failing in life. They work hard to get to where they are in life and the thought of it all crashing down is a lot for them to take in as it is.

Taurus: Stepping Out of Their Comfort Zone

The Taurus likes to sit inside his or her box and stay there. This person is not about taking risks or having to change things in life. They like to get into a routine and stick with it. That being said, change is inevitable and they will have to come out at some point.

Gemini: Being Truly Alone

Sure, the Gemini likes alone time but he or she is not able to deal with loneliness. The Gemini is terrified of ending up alone in life with no one to turn to. Being abandoned by everyone would ruin them.

Cancer: Loss of Loved Ones

The Cancer loves with everything he or she has. If a Cancer loses a loved one you better expect an explosion of sadness. This is not something the Cancer can deal with.

Leo: Being Forgotten

The Leo wants to be a legacy. He or she wants to be remembered forever. If everyone just pretended the Leo didn’t exist, he or she would probably have a meltdown. They thrive off of attention.

Virgo: Being Useless

The Virgo takes pride in all that he or she does. If like suddenly had no meaning and there was nothing for him or her to do who knows what would happen. While most will not admit this fear, deep down it is there.

Libra: Being Hated

Libras do their best to be gentle and loving. Generally, they don’t give anyone reason to dislike them. They do their best to please others so that no one will hate them. The Libra is horrified at the thought of people hating him or her.

Scorpio: Betrayal

Scorpios are very loving and charming. They are the most seductive of all of the signs. That being said, they do not often let people in on a deep level until they are sure they can trust them. The Scorpio is always terrified of betrayal.

Sagittarius: Being Lost

Sure, the Sagittarius is a traveler but he or she is never lost. You can’t be lost when there is no destination. The Sagittarius, while a bit flighty, knows who he or she is. Losing their sense of self is not an option.

Capricorn: Embarrassment

The Capricorn is especially sensitive, because of this, he or she is not able to deal with embarrassment. They will do whatever they can to avoid it and when it does happen they feel awful. Embarrassment hits the Capricorn a thousand times harder than it hits the rest of us.

Aquarius: Not Being Free

When you take freedom away from an Aquarius you have pretty much killed them. The Aquarius does not like to be censored and will not give up his or her individuality for anything. They will not lose themselves.

Pisces: Suffering

The Pisces cannot stand to see anyone suffer or to suffer his or herself. They are very caring people who do what they can to help others. Due to their empathy levels being so high, rejection is also a big issue. They are terrified of having to endure real pain and suffering, they just could not handle it.

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