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On November 19th, we are going to experience the first Taurus eclipse we have had since 2014. Full moons are quite powerful all on their own, but when you add the energy of Taurus and the energy of a lunar eclipse, we reach an entirely new level of transformative energy.

In astrology and spirituality, an eclipse is representative of transformation and awakening. Oftentimes, along with these portals come major life lessons, which are delivered in the form of fated events. Because of the immense energy surrounding this event, there will likely be some major changes coming our way that could change the very course of our life.

However, it’s important to shift your perspective towards these lessons, so they can serve their purpose.

Oftentimes, eclipses come in pairs, so this particular eclipse is going to partner with the Scorpio eclipse which we will see in 2022.

To better understand what this shift is going to bring into your life, you may need to look back at your life in 2013 and 2014. During this time, we underwent a similar eclipse partnership in Taurus and Scorpio, so we will be closing the portal from that period and opening a new one.

What lessons were served to you during that time, and what pushed you to evolve and to grow?

One of the major themes of this particular eclipse is going to push you to touch base with your true self. Since Taurus is represented by Earth, there will be a major focus for us on the physical. This includes our relationship with belongings, money, and even our physical body.

And since this is an eclipse, we are pushed to look at this energy from both sides. With that in mind, we must reexamine our relationships with the material world and how it blocks us from the spiritual side of things. Sometimes, we may become so hung up on possessions, money, and buying things, that we completely miss out on the more intimate and spiritual aspects of our journey.

Depending on where you are at on your journey, you could see major changes or events that will push you towards growth in this area. A good way to start getting your energy right immediately is to be sure you practice balance in all areas of your path. Try some grounding exercises, or even sit down, and take an inventory of how you approach life. You might begin to notice patterns, so you can get your self-work on track.