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If you’re wondering where you are on your journey in this life you should take the time to really consider what your inner being has to share with you. While you might not be what you expect, the more you learn from your inner being the closer to your highest form you become.

Our subconscious or inner being has a lot to share with us if we’re willing to listen. This part of ourselves makes itself known through the things we are drawn to. If you have ever felt like you resonate with a specific person or something you saw in general, your subconscious could have had something to do with that.

Below You will find an image with several different symbols present on it. Each symbol means something different for us and depending on where you are in your journey you will be drawn to a specific one. Take a moment to really look at these symbols and decide which one draws you in the most. From there scroll down to see what that reveals to us all.

(These will be numbered 1-6. Top row from left to right will be 1-3 and bottom row left to right will be 4-6.)

Symbol #1

If you were drawn to this symbol you are at a place in your life where you do not know how to move forth. You’re at a standstill and unsure of what to do next. While you have a lot on your mind and big plans for the future getting there seems quite unrealistic in your own mind. Do not allow this rut to hold you back. You need some serious meditation to get things on track.

Symbol #2

If you were drawn to this symbol you are progressing very quickly. There is a lot going on around you and you are unsure of how to take it all in. Remember to breathe and don’t stop believing in yourself. The people around you are going to be there for you when you need them, don’t hesitate to call those who care.

Symbol #3

If you were drawn to this symbol your life journey has not been what you expected it to be. You’ve found yourself moving down path after path with nothing really paying off or seeming to get you anywhere. This is because of the way you’re addressing the changes that are stemming forth. You are in serious need of a mindset shift.

Symbol #4

If you were drawn to this symbol you are someone who is exactly where you need to be. You have a lot going for you but without letting it get to your head. You are constantly helping others and always noticing synchronicities as a result. Don’t let anyone tell you to slow down.

Symbol #5

If you were drawn to this symbol you’re not anywhere near where you need to be. Something bad happened to you or to someone around you in recent times and it has been affecting you ever since. You need to work through this if you really want to move forth. Life is a lot shorter than you think.

Symbol #6

If you were drawn to this symbol you’re someone who focuses too much in life on achieving things. You are doing well on your journey but also forgetting some of the most important parts. Life is not always what it seems, you need to stop and smell the roses.