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Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve seen at least one post online about most people more specifically women having a freckle on their wrists. While you might have never thought much about it, it seems there are reasons behind it.

This topic has been blowing Twitter out of the water and thousands of people have replied back and forth noting that they too have a single freckle on their wrists. Most seem quite shocked to learn that they are not as unique as they may have thought they were but overall the phenomenon, in general, is quite interesting. There are a few different things that seem to factor into its presence and it makes more sense than you might assume.

TIME spoke with several dermatologists in order to get to the bottom of this silly little ‘coincidence’ and one of those dermatologists noted that sun exposure is to blame. Dr. Joyce Park told them that freckles are for those who do not know, “basically areas of the skin where you have more pigment or melanin deposition from UV radiation.” This meaning that we get more sun on our arms than we do other parts of our bodies.

She noted that even those who wear long-sleeves are still exposing their wrists and hands depending on what they’re doing. A different dermatologist also told TIME that they were mere overgrowths of pigment-producing cells. Since this thread went viral lots of different sources have been reaching out to dermatologists everywhere to try and get more information and most seem to be also going over the importance of sunscreen and how we tend to forget to put any on our wrists.

That all being said, these freckles are something we should be paying attention to. When it comes to these freckles on our wrists we should be aware that they can in some cases become cancerous depending on the situation. From time to time assess the size, shape, and feel of the freckle to make sure it’s not growing or changing.

There are lots of different forms of skin cancer and each one can be quite different in how it forms or progresses. For more information on skin cancer, in general, please feel free to click here or check out the video below. Do you have a freckle on your wrist? While I don’t, I know so many people who do.