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You might not be aware of it, but the things you like and the way you make decisions are things that can reveal parts of your personality to others. For instance, when you look at photos, the things you are drawn to the most can bring out things locked within your subconscious.

Through working with your subconscious, you can unlock lots of doors and discover things about yourself that you otherwise would never know. When we look at an image, our brain is doing far more than we could ever fathom. It is reading the information it is receiving, interpreting it, and showing us what we are seeing, all in under seconds.

If you want to learn more about yourself and see what might be hidden within your personality, take a peek at the image below and choose a Sun. Each Sun is different, and one is going to draw you in more than the others. Once you’ve decided which one stands out most to you, continue forth to see what it could mean in your life.


Sun #1

If you chose this Sun, you are the kind of person who enjoys being original. You don’t go with the flow and damn sure aren’t concerned with fitting in. You are unapologetically yourself and do not let close-minded people bother you. While you hide away your sensitive side, it is still very present. You know how to get through life in a closed off and still outrageous manner.

Sun #2

If you chose this Sun, you are a very outspoken individual. You never hold back and are always telling it like it is. You are overly honest and constantly working to do your best in life. You go above and beyond, even when it is hard on you and those in your life.

Sun #3

If you chose this Sun, you are a very simple person. You like to spend most of your time alone and are not too keen on going out or partying in general. You have a very small circle of friends and are very guarded in general. Most people consider you to be ‘shy’ but that’s not necessarily the case.

Sun #4

If you chose this Sun, you are a kind and generous soul. You are constantly doing something to benefit the people in your life, and are willing to give more than most other people. You do not hold back when it comes to showing your heart to the world. Many people are quite jealous of the enormous good you do in this life.

Sun #5

If you chose this Sun, you are extremely creative and very driven. You are always thinking outside the box and could be considered a natural-born leader. Other people seem to flock to you and are always trying to steal your thunder. They just cannot keep up properly.

Sun #6

If you chose this Sun, you are a hard to please person that loves to be distanced from the people who care for him or her. You are quite dependent on others for your own happiness, but do not want to admit it. Because of this, you spend a lot of time in the dark and stressed. While you do trust your instincts sometimes, you also second guess yourself far too often.