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The Sun moves along just as we do through space and because of that, it is never in the same place. Because the Sun is easily the most important thing for our planet to continue on as it is when it is in different areas we gain different energies.

The Sun usually passes in front of Sagittarius in December and this is about to happen once again. The Sun will be in Sagittarius and aligned with our galactic center on December 18th to the 22nd. Now for those who do not know, the galactic center itself is the rotational center of the milky way which is the galaxy we call our home.

Now, with the Sun being in Sagittarius it brings forth interesting energies as a whole. We will all be more open-minded and looking for new things to partake in. Because Sagittarius in itself is a quite fiery sign it also holds lots of expansion for us. The more we embrace what it has to offer the more we can grow in ways we otherwise would not be capable of.

While the sun is lined up with the galactic center it is stronger and a better representation of how powerful we all are. We will be more capable of expressing ourselves and work to fulfill the goals we have set for ourselves overall. Sure, the energy shifts we will be feeling are going to be a bit hard to handle but that does not mean we will not be able to work through them.

Because many people believe we gain a lot of our creativity from the galactic center many of us may feel quite charged and ready to do things with a real sense of passion. This location in itself represents a lot of different things to us and helps us tap into different areas of our minds. We become more tuned into the parts of ourselves we otherwise don’t see and it really helps us grow.

When the Sun is present near the galactic center we are able to evolve as human beings and become more aligned with our higher selves. While we do need to work to understand the parts of ourselves during this time that are in need of healing and try our best to make the right changes, that doesn’t mean we cannot have some fun. 

Because this period is short, renewing all that we can during this time is crucial. Not only are the powers of Sagittarius heightened during this alignment, but we are also able to peak regarding our personal energies as well. This is a truly magical experience for all of us and the way we build from it says a lot about how we choose to move forth in this life. wrote as follows in regards to the Sun being in Sagittarius:

When the Sun enters expansive Sagittarius, it’s time to open our hearts and souls to all the great opportunities the world has to offer! Sagittarius is a bold Fire sign that loves to travel, have fun, and learn new things. The Sun’s transit through this adventurous sign is a great time to adopt the Archer’s attitude for ourselves and push beyond our usual boundaries to try something new.

Luck runs high and optimism rules under the Sagittarius Sun. Rather than focusing on what we can’t do, it’s time to realize all the things we can do. As a sign of both faith and expansion, there are truly no limits while the Sun dances its way through Sagittarius.

Make the most of the energies to come and see what you can experience through this whole ordeal. While some things might be a bit scary you are capable of so much. How will you put these energies to use in your life?

(Image Via: Pixabay)