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As we move through June, energies are really amping up in preparation for the Summer Solstice. While we all won’t be affected the same way, but if you are a person who is sensitive to energy, I am sure that you have been picking up on the energies flying your way.

Right now, the vortex is preparing to open, and with that comes a lot of growth. As the vortex continues to push and pull the energies around us we will progress further and some of us will finally have the necessary tools to be able to heal from past traumas. Not only will we be finding ourselves in a powerful way, but we will also be coming to terms with things that we otherwise might not even want to be thinking about.

The Summer solstice will heavily be weighted down by Cancer energies which means we are going to be dealing with a lot of manifestation while the energies are present. We are going to be more willing to ground ourselves and really taking the time to enjoy things as they come. This period is one that we can all benefit from properly if we are actually open to it.

During the time before and after the opening of the vortex, we are gaining so much knowledge, and we should be working hard to take back our power and really show our true colors. We are being presented with the opportunity to challenge the normal and allow our lives to get back to where we feel they truly belong.
There is a lot going on in the celestial world right now, and I know this can be scary. As karma comes forth and our wrongdoings are highlighted we will be running from some of them and that is just how things will be unless we open our hearts and work through the issues at hand. The universe is not doing these things to bring you down, but it is doing these things to help YOU build YOURSELF back up. Only by coming to terms with your life and your past can you move forward into a healthy and happy future.

According to Refinery29,

“The summer solstice reminds us of the light that exists within all of us. It gives us permission to expand and shine our light, rather than dim it,” Kesaine Walker, an astrologer and Reiki master based in New York City, tells Refinery29. “It’s a time of opening ourselves up to the light and letting it uplift and inspire us,” Walker says that setting your intentions and being in the moment while embracing the life force energy from the Sun is one of the simplest ways to celebrate, whether your goal is to ramp up social justice initiatives or clear your head for mental health purposes.

Make the most of this vortex and solstice energy. Try to stay grounded as best as you can, and if you feel overwhelmed don’t be afraid to lean on those that you hold most dear. We are all in this together.