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Until Monday, we are still considered to be in the 11/11 twin flame gateway, which is pretty significant. During this time, we are being faced with groundbreaking spiritual transformation, and it’s important to try to reap benefits before the gateway ends.

Gateways like 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, and so on are important dates that are considered to be gateways and portals. These portals are necessary for spiritual growth and transformation, but why?

First, it’s important to note that a spiritually significant date isn’t just for the date it takes place, it’s also extended out to the three days before and three days after because the energy remains and builds.

Our universe is composed of energy, and that means that everything, including you, nature, animals, buildings, inventions, everything is composed of energy on a quantum level, science has proven that. We are all cut from the same cloth, and that energy can be manipulated to manifest new things and remove them as well. Our vibrating particles are constantly moving, but since they come together to create a seemingly solid being, we can’t see the energy that we are composed of.

Other energetic beings, thoughts, etc., can change how our physical body vibrates. This is why crystals work, this is why magic words, and this is why the law of attraction works. It’s also why some numbers are very important and can also change our vibration. And this is why twin flame gateways are important.

Numerology shows that numbers have a high significance for us. And when they appear in sequence, it creates a twin flame gateway that doubles the manifestation power of the number. For example, on 11/11, we saw the master number 11 appear twice. By itself, the number 11 is all about transformation, awakening, and growth. When it doubles, it creates a portal we can acknowledge and benefit from.

As our energy begins to vibrate differently, we purge what is no longer necessary and open ourselves to new pathways. It’s sort of like a spiritual cleanup, and depending on the numbers associated, is how we respond to the energy on a deep level.

Many of us experience these spiritually significant dates and then go back to business as usual the next day, but to do so is an error. We should always set intentions for these times and truly focus on our intentions and our growth. If we walk away unchanged, then what is the point?