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Butterflies symbolize transformation and change. They are very much a light of hope in this crazy world and when we come across them we should take in the messages they bring with them.

There are tons and tons of different kinds of butterflies in this crazy world. Each butterfly goes through transformations of its own and in that learns what it intends to pass on to those of us who are kind enough to listen. Birthed from an egg the butterfly lives its early life as a caterpillar only to retreat within the chrysalis or pupa to become it’s ‘true form.’

Butterflies are power animals for many of us whether we realize it or not. If you notice a butterfly in your path you may need to retreat within and ask yourself what changes need to be made in your life. Whether you are in the middle of one or just beginning change is something we all have to face. It is not something any of us can completely avoid.

Below you will find a list of some of the more common colors butterflies come in and what those different colored butterflies symbolize specifically. While not all colors hold meaning these ones for sure do. If you see a butterfly take into consideration it’s color and they try to figure out the omen of change it is presenting to you.

Blue Butterflies

The color blue in a butterfly is one that brings luck and joy. Some people even consider blue to be a ‘wish-granting’ color but I guess that varies. This butterfly is telling you to never give up and that you should always carry on regardless of the things you are facing in life.

Orange Butterflies

The orange butterfly represents passion and can also be a bearer of anger as well. This butterfly reminds us to stay as positive as possible until we finish what we are currently working on. Having an orange butterfly land on you is a sign that your life is about to take a very unexpected turn.

Green Butterflies

Green butterflies are often associated with love and goodness in general. If you come across on you are well on your way to growing in general. Some believe green butterflies represent good luck or ‘wealth to come’ but I am not sure about all of that. This is without a doubt a message of hope regardless if you see a green butterfly you should really look forward to what it holds for you.

Yellow Butterflies

A flying yellow or gold butterfly symbolizes a ‘bright summer.’ It brings forth creativity and reminds us to have more fun in life. While yellow butterflies are some of the ones we see the most we shouldn’t just cast them off as ‘common.’ Everything that comes your way does so for a reason.

Red Butterflies

Red butterflies are a sign that some extremely LIFE CHANGING news is headed your way. If you see one you should be on the lookout for something big. With that being said, you shouldn’t be overly obsessing waiting for something bad to happen, this change could be anything and you should take things one day at a time. It is also said that if you do harm to a red butterfly you will receive bad luck.

White Butterflies

In places like China and Ireland white butterflies are thought to carry the souls of those who have passed. White butterflies are a sign of spiritual growth and are a sign that we are on the right path in life. If you see one you should take it as a sign that the angels from above are noticing you.

Black Butterflies

Black butterflies are not quite as common as people might think they are. If you are seeing black butterflies you are being brought a message of misfortune. Something bad might be headed your way. However, some cultures believe the black butterfly is a sign of rebirth or darkness before the dawn.

Brown Butterflies

Brown butterflies are pointing out to us that we are on our way to a fresh start. It means something good and important is coming your way. Some even say that if a brown butterfly flies into your home it could be a deceased loved one warning you of something bad headed into your life. This fresh start is not always a good one, brown butterflies are a sign that you should be careful.

Purple Butterflies

These are also not quite as common as others. If you see a purple butterfly you are most likely being sent a sign to look within to better understand yourself. You are someone who has been delving into the spiritual world and working on becoming aligned with your higher self. You may even see a purple butterfly when you feel lost.

Gray Butterflies

Gray butterflies are some of the prettiest and yet most overlooked. This butterfly tells you that you really need to consider your emotions. You need to really think about what is going on with you emotionally rather than pushing things to the bottom and ignoring them.