As you may be aware, there will be another solstice coming up very soon on the 21st of December. While we do have a little while before that solstice is here, it is not too far off.

The December solstice is one that brings a lot of power with it and really mixes things up. This solstice is all about renewal and true regeneration. While the Winter solstice is often overlooked, it brings tons of different things to the table.

This solstice will be offering us the chance to break free of the old and really move forth with the new. We will be leaving bad habits behind and really supporting ourselves more properly as the days pass. Sure, working towards new goals and really seeing your path before you might not always be easy but this solstice helps aid in that process, big time. wrote as follows on some of the things this solstice may have to offer:

Winter solstice is a time meant to reflect and recreate yourself, to celebrate our journey back into the light, leaving behind anything that keeps us from allowing ourselves the fullness of our power and divinity. Allow yourself to embrace the fertile darkness of this season. Take some time to reflect deeply, without criticism about previous decisions and actions, about yourself, your past, and what you want for your future. This is a time for equanimity and gentle recapitulation, a time to consider what your soul requires to shine.

While we as people tend to be very much afraid of the darkness in all forms the darkness within is not something we should judge too harshly. We as people need to work through the things that side of ourselves brings forth if we truly want to grow. This solstice will force you to feel your truth more heavily than ever and that to me is truly beautiful.

This kind of celestial event might not sound like much to some but it is a very intense ordeal. These energies build up and break things down. They help us grow and really put things into perspective. Are you looking forward to the up and coming solstice? While it might be something that not everyone knows how to prepare for, it overall is quite a positive ordeal and won’t be enough to break you. That much I know to be true.

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