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Deja vu is something a lot of people have experienced without even realizing it. It manifests in different strengths for different people.

For those who do not know, Deja vu is a strange experience that a person goes through. It is when a situation feels much more familiar than it should or would otherwise. Perhaps you had a vision of yourself going through something before it happened, or you just felt like you knew what was going to happen next. We see Deja vu experiences on the television screen time and time again because the whole concept is something that fascinates others.

Deja vu is not necessarily as common as you might think it is, but it does happen to many people. What causes Deja vu is still a mystery but no matter what the experience in itself is quite spiritual regardless of where you are in your own mind.

When we are between lives we watch our lives to come play out before us. This is where we make the big decisions and choose which lessons need to be learned. While we forget all of that upon making our way to this planet, sometimes bits and pieces find their way back to us. When we experience Deja vu, this is what we are experiencing. We are watching parts of the playback of the life we’re intended to live, or we feel as though we have already experienced something because technically we have.

Your soul planned out everything before you and working with the universe it keeps you on track. If you are straying or need to be aware of something a sign will be sent to you and sometimes that sign could be in the form of Deja vu. Deja vu is very much a sign of a past life connection in more ways than most people realize.

It is you going through something you’ve gone through before. Sometimes that will have been a memory from your time between lives and other times it could have been a sliver of something from a life before the one you’re currently in. While ignoring Deja vu is usually pretty easy, it shouldn’t be done. We should always take the time to acknowledge these interesting moments.

While the feeling might be a bit odd it holds far more spiritual significance than most other things. Have you ever experienced Deja vu? For more information please feel free to check out the video below.