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We each have a spiritual archetype, and it is the spiritual archetype of how we perceive our spiritual path and purpose while here on Earth. While psychological archetypes explain our mind and how we perceive others, the spiritual archetype tells us more about our spiritual path. Our spiritual archetype gives us insight into how we identify spiritually and affects how we feel in our relationships, jobs, and just in general due to our spiritual connection with the world around.

To find yours, take the test below. Be as honest as possible, and you will get accurate results. Each spiritual archetype has unique qualities as well as correlated chakras, essential oils, tarot cards, and tips for overcoming your hardest hurdles while on your path. So, are you the witch, the occultist, or are you the shaman? Take the quiz below to find out. You may be surprised. I know I was! Also, follow the link to get your spiritual archetype guidebook for more information about your path.

Featured Image Via Kirby Satler