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When it comes to our journey in this world, we all have spirit guides and many of those come in the form of animals. While you might not notice them as often as you should, the more attention you pay to the things around you, the more you will begin to see those who are placed here to protect you as you move forth in your day-to-day life.

While figuring out what your spirit animals is, is no easy task the more you look within the more you can work to reveal it. A spirit animal, in general, is characterized by a personal relationship to the person associated with it. Some people have just one while others have several. Many believe that their spirit animals represent qualities and attributes that are present within the person who is connected to them but that very much depends on who you ask.

The definition of a spirit animal goes as follows according to Spirit Animal Info’s website:

Spirit animals are typically associated with traditional as well as modern Western shamanic practices. During initiations or shamanic journeys, the shaman would find one or several animals that she or another person is associated with. Traditionally, the spirit animal is used for guidance.

Think of your spirit animal as a guardian spirit or spirit guide. It can play the role of protector and provides guidance. It’s like a “personal guide or protector” that has a personal affinity with the person it’s associated with.

If you want to figure out what animal is guarding your soul, you need to ask yourself a series of questions and take some time meditating over the answers. Once you’re ready your spirit animal or animals might choose to make themselves known.

Ask yourself what you’re lacking and what your strengths are, figure out where you are on your path in life and spend some of your time paying attention to the things around you. Look in nature and pay close attention to the animals before you and the ways in which they behave.

The more repetitive an encounter becomes with a specific kind of animal the more you should associate yourself with it. This kind of thing as noted above is going to take time but once you figure out which animals you resonate most with, you’ve managed to get halfway to where you need to be. Reflect on anything that stands out and do not allow anything to discourage you.

In many cases, your spirit animal will be quite obvious to everyone but you. For instance, if you are a mysterious person who tends to be quite closed off you might be followed around by spiders and if you’re courageous and able to really make the most out of the darkest moments in life your spirit animal could be a panther. Each animal holds many different benefits it can and will offer to those who connect with it.

To figure out what animal might be your spirit animal please feel free to take the quiz within the video below. While this might not uncover all of them, it will reveal which animals you are most drawn to. For the most part, if your spirit animal is present and near, you will begin to sense it.

Do not ignore the emotions and feelings that come forth and instead allow them to guide you to where you need to be. Set your intent and make things known. Thank those who protect your soul and remember not to take advantage of the energetic charges they are offering to you.