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There is a solstice coming up on the 21st of December and with that comes some pretty intense energies. While not everyone realizes this, there is a portal that opens during this time and that portal provides us with the means of tapping into something truly amazing.

This portal is currently opening right now and will be fully open on the day of the solstice itself. From there it will begin closing over the course of a few days following the solstice itself. This solstice portal will be allowing us all to look at the bigger picture and see things as they are versus what we want them to be.

Now, in general, solstice energies are a celebration quite intense and can have us feeling quite out of place. The winter solstice itself is before us and it is going to have us wanting to dive within and really think about our own lives and where we are headed from here. We will be more capable of making proper decisions and focused on creating the things we want in life.

This solstice portal is one that will make you feel like you for once have a little more time for yourself and using that time wisely is important. Embrace all of the dark sides of things and really come to terms with the challenges before you. Don’t let the fact that things seem bleak hold you back, create a plan for the future.

In regards to this portal/gateway opening NewEarthCentral wrote as follows:

On December 21st the Solstice arrives…the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites bringing all into union, into balance, into Oneness! The Solstice occurs when the sun ‘stands still’ between light and dark. It is the balance point of all creation. It is also the day the Sun enters Capricorn, an earth sign, initiating a change in seasons.

Just a few days later, a Solar Eclipse occurs on December 25-26 (depending on time zone) at 4° Capricorn. This fortuitous eclipse is enhanced by Jupiter trine Uranus – bringing happiness, optimism, positive growth, and pleasant surprises. Combined with the galactic center’s field of infinite possibilities, you don’t want to miss this opportune moment to set your intentions for a favorable 2020.

As we join together from all around the world, we will seed the planetary field with New Earth templates, consciousness, and holographic inserts as we alter the course of humanity. We are flooding the earth plane with LOVE vibration! Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystalize your Soul’s ascension destiny.

During this time lots of positive energy shifting will be happening, and we will have to be willing to allow it power within our lives. Take some time to think about what might be missing from your life and how you can go about getting exactly that. Really do your best to get all of your ducks in a row, so to speak.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac signs should be expecting during this time, while we will all be gaining the above there will be small differences between each sign. Understanding this can help you put these energies to use properly in your life.


You’ve been feeling quite stuck and as these energies come forth you will be working out a plan to get higher up in some form. While this might not be as easy as you want it to be, you’re up for the hard work and capable of whatever you put your mind to. Do not be afraid to break free of the status quo and go a new route.


As a Taurus, you’re always a bit too stubborn and that has been getting in your way lately. This solstice portal is going to remind you that sometimes compromise is necessary. Maybe what you need to think about right now is how to make things work for not only you but also for someone close to you.


You’ve been quite bored lately and it shows. Mixing things up is not going to be easy but feels quite necessary. Do your best to really try new things, just because it is a little scary doesn’t mean you can’t handle it.


You’re about to be forced to come to terms with something quite painful. Stop trying to impress the people around you and just do the things you want to do. You’re the one living your life and at the end of the day, if you’re not happy, changes need to be made.


This solstice portal is going to make you feel as though you’re in serious need of something ‘new’ in your life. While that something might be seemingly hard to find if you look hard enough you’ll come across it. Stop focusing in the wrong areas and give yourself a moment to really think your current path through.


As a Virgo, you’re quite the hard-head. You need to stop being so unwilling to change. Change is necessary and as this solstice moves forth you need to work to embrace the new things headed your way. Just because it’s hard to handle doesn’t mean you cannot handle it.


Work to change your circumstances as best you can. You will be unable to open new doors if you don’t close the ones you’ve already walked through. Stop holding onto the past so deeply.


Keep an eye out for signs from the universe. You’re headed down the right path but something feels off. Perhaps you need a little time on your own to get things back in order.


You’re spending too much time with the people who don’t really matter to you. Stop neglecting those who truly care and holding onto things that are not working. You need to move on and until you do, happiness will not be able to find you.


The solstice portal is going to bring you to a place in your own mind where you’re finally ready to let go of people who have been holding you back. Do not hesitate, do what is best for you. Just because they say they care doesn’t mean that they do.


Jump into the unknown and really take the time to find something that brings joy into your life. You cannot keep merely moving through the motions and acting as if everything is alright. If you never work through your problems they will follow you everywhere.


You need to make serious changes in your life and while you can see that for some reason you are reluctant. Stop closing yourself off and open up. Think things through and go with your best option. Things will never get better if you never make an effort to get through them.