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The never-ending cycle of life and death surrounds us all and repeats itself in various aspects of the world around us. Nature is no different, providing us with spring in which life springs forth, summer in which life thrives and grows, fall in which life transitions, and winter, in which life slows to a halt, dies and is reborn.

During the winter solstice on December 21st, we experience the shortest hours of daylight within a 24 period. After that day, the hours of daylight begin to increase, and the days grow longer. The winter solstice marks the middle of winter in the literal sense, but also the ending of the year.

In many traditions, it is associated with rebirth, according to spiritual beliefs, and even in Christianity, the solstice coincides with the birth of Jesus.

On an energetic level, the solstice is a portal, that takes us from the darkness, the stagnance, and the ending as we know it, into bright new beginnings. It marks the hope that can be found when all seems hopeless. And it provides us with a fresh new start and a reason to have hope and faith when there seemingly isn’t any.

It’s our one glimmer of hope that no matter how many cycles in our lives come to a halt, that there is always a new beginning on the other side. The winter solstice portal is our only form of proof that life goes on. We can exit the darkness and the stagnant energy surrounding our lives and jump headfirst into change and provides us with the hope of light, even in the darkest corners.

When portals are presented to us, they offer us the ability to shift our perspective and bring change to our lives. They provide us with the ability to be reborn into whatever form we need or want more from our path.

To take advantage of this energy, we have to accept what is and what isn’t. Understand where you are at, so you know what steps are needed to grow and to manifest. Sit down, and write your goals, and the steps needed to reach them. Write out manifestations as though the changes have already been made, and be at peace with them. And above all, set clear intentions for who you want to be. No matter who you are right now, you can always bring change and become someone better, someone renewed. And that is what this portal is all about.