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As we get closer and closer to the day of the winter Solstice we also are closer to the time during which it’s portal will finally be open. For days this portal has been inching its way open but on the 21st it will truly be as it should be but not for long. 

This solstice overall is going to force us to focus on ourselves and work to better our lives. We will be looking more into the things we are doing and where we want to be. Getting ahead during this time will be something we are all quite capable of. 

Whether you’re someone who celebrates this kind of thing or not, the energies it brings forth into your life will not be something you can ignore. You will feel more tuned into the world around you and with good reason. This portal becoming open is going to bring a lot of conflict into our lives but that conflict will be internal. We will be torn between the path we’ve been moving down and the one we need to take to align more properly with our higher selves.

Whenever there is a portal or gateway opening, it shifts our perspectives in life. This one specifically will be pushing us to make better decisions and leave us wanting more. That being said, we have to work fast while its energies are present because from the moment this portal finally becomes truly open, it is already working on closing itself once again.

It is also important to note that on the day of this Solstice, the Sun itself will be moving as well. It will be making its way into Capricorn which provides us with more energies. The energies Capricorn season has to offer are not as intense as we might expect them to be but when paired with all this portal has to offer, things can get a bit hectic.

In regards to the Sun being in Capricorn wrote as follows:

Winter arrives in the northern hemisphere when the Sun moves into cool Capricorn. There’s a serious tone about this time of year because it’s when we look for new hope in a time of darkness. Just as the Capricorn symbol of the Mountain Goat climbs higher and higher, most of us will work hard toward bigger and better things during this time.

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by the karmic planet Saturn, so when the Sun moves into this sign, we’ll all spend a little time contemplating the karmic lessons from the past year. This transit also urges us to come up with new goals and take the first steps toward achieving them. It’s no coincidence that the New Year happens under the Capricorn Sun!

Things get a little more buttoned-up when the Sun moves into conservative Capricorn. 

During this time period, we all need to be working to take control back over our lives and making things happen. If you’re not already chasing your goals you have a lot of work cut out for you. Take care of business and really work as hard as possible to get things done. 

Let your bossy side out and kick things into gear. This portal will not be open for long, it will only remain present for a few days following the Solstice itself. You need to work out a plan and start taking steps to get things where they need to be. As we move forth into 2020, you’re going to be in a great head-space.