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Mercury retrograde comes to us with good intentions and all the while causing chaos is working to restore order but that doesn’t make it any easier to face. Some signs are affected drastically and others are unable to find peace of mind while this whole ordeal is underway, which are you?

Considering Mercury has been retrograding for a few weeks now and still has a little while to go until it ends as July comes to close, you might be feeling pretty out of place. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that no matter how hard they try just can’t move forth while this retrograde is present. Mercury is always one of the hardest retrograding periods for us all to go through but for these signs, it’s seriously more than enough to knock them off of their feet.


During the time that this retrograde is present, you are going to be looking back towards your past unable to really figure out things for yourself. While normally you are very forward-thinking and getting things done, that will not be possible in the weeks to come. You’re not losing yourself, you’re finding yourself and you need to keep that in mind no matter what.


Your feelings are always going to be something you cannot necessarily ignore but during Mercury retrograde, that is intensified by far more than you feel you can handle. You’re going to be working to break free but remain as grounded as you should which is no easy feat. The harder you try the further you may end up falling, just take things one day at a time.


This retrograde is and has been pushing you to stop holding back. You are someone that likes to be the center of attention but also does not like to let others too close. You are much more aware of the negative side of this world than the positive and it shows. Perhaps you need a shift in perspective.


While this retrograde is here you will be looking back on the past and the mistakes you’ve made. You will be regretting some very serious things that you sadly won’t ever be able to change. You are stuck in the life you’ve built for yourself and unless you’re willing to uproot every inch of who you are, you just cannot find a way out.


Sure, this retrograde might not feel as intense right now as it has been in the past few days but you’re still being affected more than you know. You are learning more about who you are and how others see you. Things that are coming your way right now are going to seriously shape you in ways you never thought they could.