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November 11th is going to be a magical day for all of us. It holds the powers of 1111 and brings forth a lot of energy. For those who do not know the number 1111 is a very karmically charged number that shakes everything around us.

The number 1111 is strongly connected to November 11th as November is the 11th month of the year. Because of this, we are all face to face with an activation number that is going to energetically charge everything around us. You could ignore these energies and let them fizzle away or you could put them to good use and allow yourself to truly heal.

On November 11th instead of letting things play out you might want to carry out a ritual to get the most that you can out of this day. In doing this you will become more aligned with your spiritual path and find the abilities within to vibrate on a higher level. Below I am going to go over a ritual that will bring forth a better understanding of what is to come. While you do not have to carry out this ritual, it is one that I personally will not be missing out on.

The Perfect Ritual For November 11th:

Things Needed:




Candles (however many you feel is necessary)


Sitting somewhere comfortably light your candles. Allow yourself a moment to meditate and relax. Once you are situated begin writing things down. Write about anything that comes to mind. Put everything down on paper. All of the things that bring you happiness and where you want to be this time next year.

Write for as long as you feel is necessary but try to get at least eleven or so minutes in. Do this t 11:11 am or 1:11 pm if possible to keep the energies as balanced as possible. Once you have things down on paper go over the things you’ve written down. What things stand out the most to you?

Bring everything over to a new paper that stood out to you and burn the old paper. Now, focus on narrowing things down to three main goals/points. close your eyes and really focus on these things, which ones are most important to you from the things you’ve carried over. Once you have the three narrowed down give yourself a moment to manifest. Think about how important they are and allow yourself permission to make them happen.

Seal these three things away in an envelope and place them somewhere safe. Once you have done this go relax in a warm bath and meditate over your own thoughts. Cleanse yourself of any blockages and prepare to move forth once this day has passed. While this might not seem like much it will make a huge difference in how these energies work for you.