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Most of us all have thumbs, but we don’t really think much of them now do we? Have you ever really looked at your thumbs and their size or shape?

There are a lot of different kinds of thumbs some shorter and others longer all the while still ranging in many different areas. Below you will find an image with several different shapes and sizes of thumbs, also take into account the flexibility of your thumb when trying to decide which category yours might fit into. Once you have chosen a thumb type continue on to find out what your thumb shape might be able to tell us about you.

Just based off of the shape of your thumb we can determine a lot about you. We can learn small things about your personality and gain a better understanding of how you think in general. What makes you unique when it comes to your thumb shape, perhaps there is more to you than you realize.

Thumb Type A:

Now, this thumb type is basically one in which the upper half of the thumb is bigger than the lower half. If this is your thumb type you are someone that likes to push the boundaries. You strive for a lot more than you will ever be able to reach but not in a bad way. That being said, you do tend to become quite obsessed.

Thumb Type B:

This thumb type is a more proportioned thumb type. While the lower half of it is a bit bigger than the upper half it is relatively normal. If this is your thumb shape you do not like to break out of your comfort zone.

You tend to stay within your boundaries and are very humble. You are much more considerate than most other people and you really go above and beyond to do things for those you care about. You are a wonderful person and people really love being around you.

Thumb Type C:

This thumb type is one that is literally what most consider to be the perfect thumb. Everything is even and the ‘right’ size. That being said, those who have this thumb type are a lot more insecure than most other people.

They let other people walk all over them, and they don’t know how to really hold their own. People with this thumb type tend to be a lot less secure than they let on. However, they are pretty interesting and when you do get to know them you will see sides of them that would not have ever been expected.

Thumb Type D:

This thumb type is a lot more flexible than others. It is much more adaptive than the rest. If this is your thumb type you are much more open and quite capable of holding your own. You don’t let anyone hold you back and when it comes to living your own life you will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re walking down the path you truly want to.

Thumb Type E:

This thumb type is very stiff and scrawny. It does not bend much and most people get frustrated with it. If this is your thumb type you are someone that makes the best of even the worst situations.

You do not prevent yourself from moving forward but instead boost yourself when needed. People can come to you for just about anything and are comfortable sharing their secrets with you. You do a lot more for this world than you realize.

Based On An Article Written By The Daily Net.