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As we face the end of 2019 this decade is also coming to an end. The beginning of 2020 brings with it a new experience for each and every one of us, which can be quite scary.

Moving forward is never easy but it is something we cannot avoid. That being said, understanding the things this universe wants to make known to us as time passes can help us on our journey in this world. While all the things happening right now and in the near future are going to be affecting each of us differently there are some things that we all need to be aware of. 

Below I am going to go over the secret each zodiac sign needs to know and come to terms with as the new decade comes full circle. This secret for each of us will build a foundation for something truly positive if we will allow it to. To learn what yours consists of please look for your sign below.


Working hard all the time doesn’t always pay off. Sometimes we get stuck in situations or places where the harder we work the more people will use us, and we need to be aware of this. You cannot just let other people take advantage of you.


You cannot always have what you want. You need to stop being so controlling of the people in your life. The decade to come is going to bring you to a place where you’re going to be parting ways with a lot of people and if they rely on you for too much, things are going to be quite hectic. Let other people live their lives.


Sometimes being quiet is the best option. While you are very outspoken and love to let people know what is on your mind you need to know when to stop talking. As A Gemini, that can be hard but coming to terms with this will set the mood for a good start to your new decade. 


Not everyone you care about is meant to be in your life. You might want the people you care for the remain by your side but the truth is that isn’t always going to happen. You need to work on letting go if you want the decade to come to be one that you remember in a positive light once all is said and done.


You are not the bee’s knees. Sure, you have your good qualities but the world does not revolve around you. You’re not the boss of everyone else and the people in your life have their own lives to live as well. Stop being so pushy.


Your words really do hurt some people’s feelings. Not everyone is as thick-skinned as you assume they are. If you keep criticizing people like you normally do the decade to come will be quite the lonely one. Start appreciating people more, please.


Life is what you make of it. You’re a very negative person and you’re almost always in a bad mood lately. If you don’t start making the most of the situations before you, you’re going to make the same mistakes you have been in the past moving into the new decade, is that what you want?


Love isn’t always enough. Staying with someone just because you care about them is not something that should happen. Love is not always enough if you’re not happy or you feel like you’re being treated badly don’t be afraid to find a new route to take. Life is not something you have to give up to be in a relationship.


It’s okay to admit that you made a mistake. You’re in situations right now that leave you feeling way in over your head. Sure, you might act as though everything is fine but it is not. The sooner you admit you made a mistake the sooner you can work to correct it, stop wasting time.


The new you and the old you are not the same. You have grown so much throughout the past few years and it really shows. While you might not be able to see it, you are a different person than you once were. You should be proud and work to get to know yourself on a deeper level moving into the decade to come.


Rewards do not come to those who do nothing. For some reason lately, you’ve been expecting a lot all the while not doing much. You need to start putting forth more of an effort and doing your part. If you don’t things are not going to play out well.


A positive mind creates a positive life. You cannot expect things to change if you just move through the days sulking. Just because you’re upset or facing something hard doesn’t mean you should let it control you. If you don’t find your sense of strength the decade to come will truly demolish you.