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When it comes to remembering things some of us really seem to be lacking, right? Well, there might be a reason for that.

Have you ever thought about what you remember and what you forget? Chances are you might misplace your keys or your phones a lot but you’re not going to forget to make dinner for your kids, right? When it comes to our memory as a whole it works a lot better when we’re actually caring about what we’re putting our mind to. For instance, when you’re making dinner for your kids you care because you know your kids need to eat, right? You don’t need your phone stuck to your side 24/7 and so you might sit it down and not remember where it is for a couple of hours.

If you’re trying to learn something and remember the things you’re learning as properly as possible you’re going to remember a lot more about something you’re actually interested in and more-so if you’re passionate about it. This is just how things are and well, lots of great minds have agreed with this in their own ways. Even Albert Einstein touched on the topic back in his day.

Einstein said as follows about exceptional memory when breaking down how to learn to play the piano:

“Mainly play the things on the piano which please you, even if the teacher does not assign those. That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes. I am sometimes so wrapped up in my work that I forget about noon meal.”

This meaning that when it comes to the piano or any other area you want to apply this to you’re going to remember more of what you’re doing when you’re doing something that is bringing you happiness or pleasing your mind and soul. If you’re trying to learn piano but only playing songs you hate, you’re not going to remember as much or be as invested, right? I am sure we can all agree on this one.

The more meaningful something is that you’re hearing, doing, or learning the more it’s going to stick and that’s just how it is. Even Elon Musk has said before that when it comes to finding success, we all need to be aware of the things that inspire us and believe in ourselves as well as the future itself. I know, that might not sound as if it fits completely, but it goes hand in hand with investing ourselves in the right areas. If you really allow yourself to dive into things that speak to you, you’re going to be able to get much further and keep your mind more focused, I can assure you of that.

We are only human and that means none of us are perfect. We are going to make mistakes, and sometimes we might forget things but when we are invested in something, forgetting isn’t as easy as it might be made out to be. Passion in itself is the best possible motivator and that I cannot deny.

If you really want to improve your memory try immersing yourself more properly in the things you’re doing. Find that sense of passion and really care about where you’re headed and what you’re working towards. This will help a lot in the long-run and the more you work at it the clearer that will become.