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When it comes to attracting people, most people tend to think that looks are what makes someone attractive. And while good looks will never hinder you from being perceived as attractive, there is much more to it than that.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “This person is so attractive!” yet you couldn’t quite put a finger on what exactly it was that made them attractive? That’s because being alluring or attractive isn’t a certain hairstyle, outfit, or make-up style- it’s a whole vibe. Here are 6 alluring traits that have nothing to do with looks.

1. They are passionate about what they love.

Melissa Guarino, a therapist and relationship expert, says that passion is alluring because it’s contagious. Typically, we are drawn to people who make us feel excited and happy because they make us feel good. So, when someone gets pumped up about something they love, it makes us feel pumped too.

2. They are respectful.

Being respectful to others goes a long way. While looks are great and all, eventually the spark fades, and the new and shiny feel of a pretty person begins to wear off. When it does, if there is nothing beneath the surface, you cannot sustain your attraction. Being around a respectful person will never go out of style.

3. They hang out in groups.

It might sound odd, but being in a group of people makes you more attractive. A study from 2014 verified this and the researchers believed that it has to do with the fact that if we believe someone is in high demand, we want to be around them too.

4. They own a pet.

There again, this one might sound weird, but a study found that people are perceived as being more attractive if they have a pet. They had a man approach women with a dog and without. When he had the dog, we were far more successful than when he didn’t.

5. They believe they are alluring.

Studies have shown for quite some time that people who carry themselves confidently and believe in themselves are much more likely to be considered to be alluring. Researchers speculate this is because when we don’t know someone very well, we assume that they do, so if they perceive themselves to be good looking we are more likely to see them in that light, too.

6. They have a sense of humor.

Various studies have shown that the more you can make someone laugh, the more attractive you are to them. So, if you are ever in doubt about whether or not someone likes you, crack a fun and light-hearted joke to win them over!