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The woman of your dreams might not be what you think she will be. Whether you can see it now or not, she is going to be someone that brings a sense of compassion into your life in the most unexpected way.

She might not be as ‘sexy’ or confident as you had imagined, but she truly brings you to your knees. She is strong, sassy, and really brings forth emotions within you that you never imagined she would. She will come into your life at the most unexpected time and really be everything you never knew you needed.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why the sarcastic girl with her heart on her sleeve is the one for you. Sure, she is going to catch you off guard and make you question everything but she will be so worth it. You have no idea what you’re in for.

9 Reasons Why The Sarcastic Girl With Her Heart On Her Sleeve Is Going To Be The One For You:

1. She has a real sense of humor.

She is someone you can laugh with. She doesn’t get overly upset at your jokes and really knows how to make you smile. A good sense of humor is not as easy to find as you might want it to be.

2. She isn’t afraid to ‘feel.’

She knows that feeling her emotions is important. If she is upset she will make it known. You won’t ever be stuck guessing when it comes to her.

3. She will accept you for who you are.

She will accept you as you are and not want to change you. She will not be the kind to get into a relationship hoping that she can fix the other person. She knows how important it is to find someone you truly love to be with, settling is not an option.

4. She knows how to handle pressure.

She doesn’t buckle under pressure. When she is stressed, it pushes her to get things done. She is strong even when most others wouldn’t be.

5. She will not be afraid to speak her mind.

She will always speak her mind. When she wants to say something she says it. If you’re pissing her off you will be well aware. Once again, you will never be left guessing with her.

6. She keeps things interesting.

She keeps things interesting big time. You never know what to expect. When it comes to mixing things up and having fun she is great.

7. She is extremely intelligent.

She is a very smart and witty person. She thinks everything through and always has something interesting to add to the table. You are able to really talk to her on a deeper level.

8. She is so much fun to be around.

She is a lot of fun. The more time you spend with her, the more you want to be around her. You never get bored when you’re with her.

9. She understands all your weird quirks.

Sure, you have a lot of weird quirks and most people don’t get that but she does. She understands you and accepts you as you are. Even the most peculiar thing seems normal in her eyes.

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