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While a lot of people refuse to come to terms with this, verbal mistreatment is not okay. Whether you are someone’s mother, father, best friend, or lover verbally mistreating or attacking them can ruin their mental health in a lot of ways.

Far too often in this day and age we try to justify our words and by simply saying we were mad or we were upset, that is no excuse and the sooner we realize that the better. If you are someone who has been verbally mistreated before you know all too well how serious it can affect you. Being verbally mistreated can drive a person to become much more stressed and in many cases leads to big-time anxiety issues.

Verbal mistreatment is aggressive and damning, it provokes emotional pain and changes the way we see things. This pain is then, for the most part, internalized and manifests in some of the most uncomfortable ways. No one comes out unscathed when it comes to this kind of thing. Do not allow anyone to tell you that the pain you’re feeling is invalid or unreal, you are not wrong for feeling the ways that you do.

Verbal mistreatment comes in many forms and often takes the spotlight through things like name-calling, the blame game, withholding, threatening, and so forth. You might want to do something only to have your attacker go out of his or her way to make sure you’re on edge so that you either don’t do that something or change it to be something that they would rather you do. They will make you feel helpless and go out of their way to force you into feeling more-so dependent on their presence.

Verbal mistreatment is not something we should continue to take lightly. The problems that come forth from its presence are not minor in any form of the word. Anxiety in and of itself can be crippling in some cases and doesn’t just disappear. You become paranoid that other people will begin to do the same to you and you start to feel as if the whole world is against you which is never ideal.

Forcing yourself to simply deal with the negative side of things is never the answer. If you’re being mistreated in any way you should without a doubt find your strength and get out of the situation, point blank. To learn more about the relationship between anxiety and verbal mistreatment please take the time to check out the video below. It goes over a lot more than most people tend to stop and think about. You are not alone and you can overcome all that you are facing.

You do not have to put up with this kind of manipulation. You are strong and you will overcome all that you are going through. Please, for your own sake if you need help seek it out. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself and growing from your situation, never forget that.