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Smudging is something tons of people do around the world. It has been done by the people of the past and I am sure is something that will continue to be done in the future as well.

For those who do not know what smudging is, it is a very critical step in most rituals and is important to do when cleansing your home of negative energies. It clears low vibrations and any energies that may be clinging nearby. When smudging burn sacred herbs. There are quite a few different herbs you can choose from and it is believed the sacred smoke will help to raise the vibrations around you. Each herb holds its own properties and thus each one serves a specific purpose.

Below you will find a list of my favorite different herbs and so forth that you can use when smudging. Personally white sage is always my top choice but you will be surprised at exactly what each one is supposed to be for and you can mix your favorites to form your own.

1. Alfalfa

This is often associated with attracting one’s spirit animal. If you are looking for something more, then I suggest you go with this one. That being said, it is also sometimes associated with psychic abilities in general. Lots of people often use this in regards to bringing about financial splendor and so forth as well.

2. Basil

Basil is used for attracting affection and love in this world. When you are looking to steady the mind and bring about a peaceful environment you cannot go wrong with this one. That being said, I prefer to use the oil version of this rather than smudging with it.

3. Blue Sage

Blue sage is a very purifying herb that has lots of magical properties. It provides spiritual strength in time of great need and can be used to remove negative spirits. This would be the sage you find being used during an exorcism.

4. White Sage

As I mentioned above this one is my favorite. White sage is easily the most widely available of all smudge sticks and comes in all different sizes. I use it to cleanse my aura and the energy of my home every few weeks. This herb brings about a very intense cleansing.

5. Lavender

Burning lavender brings about a sense of peace like nothing else. It helps us all to relax and makes the air around us much less tense. You will sleep so much better after smudging with lavender.

6. Mugwort (Black Sage)

This one is known for protecting people from evil spirits. It is also able to aid when it comes to traveling on astral planes. You will be able to accomplish a lot when using this herb.

While I know there are tons more different herbs that could be used for different things these are by far my favorites. Have you practiced smudging before and if so what herbs did you use? If you have never practiced smudging before you might just need to give it a go. Feel free to check out the videos below for a little information on smudging and how to go about doing it if you have never done it before.

Image via Healthy Home Living