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The person you’re meant to be with won’t be the person that criticizes you for things that he or she knows you’re insecure about. He or she won’t break you down when you’re already struggling and if the person you’re with is doing those things they’re not going to last.

The person that is meant to be in your life and spend forever with you will be someone that understands you as a person. Someone that you can trust and care for on a level that is reciprocated properly. Your soulmate or whatever you want to call it is not going to be the person that makes you feel bad for overthinking or gets mad about the things that make you who you are.

Your forever person is not going to be someone that wants to change who you are, he or she will be someone that wants to see you grow but also accepts you in the ways you accept them. Someone that is able to appreciate all the things that make you who you are. Your small quirks and the flaws that you wouldn’t change even if you could.

This person won’t fight with you in the ways the people of your past will. They will be willing to sit down with you and work through the issues that present themselves properly. They will care for you in all the ways you care for them and you’ll never have to wonder whether they’re putting forth an effort to make things work or not.

Instead of hurting you over and over again and cutting ties only to come crawling back later, this person will let you know that they’re in this connection with you for the long-run. They will hold you in your worst moments and be there by your side through all the ups and downs. While sometimes we mistake the people who don’t deserve our time as our forever people, they tend to make themselves known fairly quick as their masks come off.

The right person for you won’t be someone that wants you to lose weight because you’re too big or gain weight because you’re too thin. He or she will understand your struggles and hold your hand through all the things you want to do in this life. They will be there to build you up when you fall and help keep you in check when things are getting too serious in your own mind.

We need to stop wasting our time with people who refuse to understand that we are all our own people. You and your lover are not going to be on the same page 24/7. We all have our differences, and we are all going to become the best versions of ourselves on our own times.

If you’re wondering if the person you’re with is right for you or not the video below might help you figure things out. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t accept you as you are. Life is too short to spend it on the people who refuse to care for you properly.