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If Uranus were a person, it would be an activist pushing us farther away from our comfort zone, and closer to an uncomfortable but necessary change. As it peers around at societal norms, it would ask us, why do we choose to be this way, when there is so much to offer?

Uranus is a non-traditionalist and a martyr for uncomfortable truth. Beginning on August 11th, Mercury will be going retrograde and will remain in this position for quite some time, and go direct again on January 10th. And despite it being seemingly on the back burner, it will continue to emanate an energy that will reverberate for eons.

During this time, we will be pushed to transform, and according to the Sage Goddess, Uranus is the Awakener. Even if we are unwilling to see a new perspective or way of being, Uranus will push us out of our comfort zone, so hard that it may even knock us for a loop to make us see things from another perspective.

Its energy is one that says ‘Let go, or be pushed,’ and it isn’t playing when it does.

You may find yourself in new and exciting relationships and friendships with people you would have been less likely to bond with in the past. Do not ignore the place of these meetings in your life, instead, embrace them as part of your ever-changing life path.

Welcome change in your life by redecorating, visiting new places and by spending time with the people you love in new and interesting ways.

The theme of this retrograde is supportive change, and with that comes a path in which we can extend our current branches and encourage the growth of our higher self in a way that allows us to branch out and become someone new but in a way that supports our current self. Think deeply to your roots, and to what centers you, but also to what would make you grow.

Allow this mindset to guide you throughout the retrograde, and you cannot go wrong!