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A lot of people do not realize just how special Venus truly is. Venus goes through a lot of changes and really brings forth energies like nothing else in the celestial world.

Venus is currently retrograding and will be doing so until around November 16th. This means that Venus is in a period of rebirth. This planet changes with each retrograde from an evening star to a morning star. With this, we will be brought forth lots of new experiences.

This is not something that happens often so when it does we need to stop and take the time to appreciate it. This transformation is one that truly peaks on October 26th as that is the time in which Venus will be conjunct the Sun and closest to our planet Earth. This will be a time of new beginnings for each and every one of us.

You will be more capable of manifesting things for yourself and bringing forth your heart’s desires. As Venus travels backward she is making her way to the Sun, from this point on she will come forth from the underworld and truly be a morning star. When this happens a part of each and every one of us has to die off but not in a bad way, this will truly shift things into a more positive light for us all.

When Venus is a morning star she is much more useful. You will notice that things are no longer so complicated. Problems that you have been having will begin to resolve themselves without much struggle. While this whole concept might sound like a lot I am sure as time passes you will begin to understand it much better. Things like this are usually easier to understand when we are actually experiencing them.

Things are really about to be looking up for us all. Don’t get ahead of yourself but also remember not to be too closed off. These energies are something we can all benefit from.