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If you are or know a woman chances are you have said or heard the words, “I’m fine”. However, deep down inside you know that it is not true.

When it comes to being heard you should always do everything within your own power to speak up for yourself. You are important, just as important as every other living being on this Earth.

We have all dealt with this at some point or another. Someone asks “what’s wrong?” and we respond with “nothing” or “I’m fine.” However, we are lying; they don’t see what we are dealing with, so they just assume we are speaking the truth. Honestly, their lack of questioning angers us, and we don’t know how to react to it. It is not their fault, but we treat it as if it is.

You should never think that ignoring something will make it go away. If you have an issue it needs to be brought to light. We cannot solve problems without acknowledging them in the first place. Our biggest issue is thinking that if we just bite our tongues or ignore it that eventually, it will stop bothering us, IT WON’T!

Why do we assume that because we fake a smile that it makes it okay to be raging on the inside? Just because speaking out makes us seem more vulnerable does not make us less of a person. Your gender does not define your worth as a person. You are not limited you can do anything you want in this life. You have the right to speak up for yourself. You need to be heard!

Fight for what you want and the things you deserve, if you are being disrespected stand up! Demand respect! Do not fall victim to the way society today sees women, we are powerful, we are strong! People need to be aware of the struggles you have gone through. You say “I’m fine” because you want to be fine, but simply saying and doing something are completely different things. You cannot get over something if you are afraid to speak about it! Find your voice!