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There is no doubting that sometimes we are attracted to people for reasons we cannot explain. While we all have a ‘type’ it’s not something that we usually think too much about.

Chances are you’ve come across quite a few people in this world that you were just naturally attracted to and as mysterious as we might think this kind of thing is, it’s easier to explain than you’d assume. For one, we are biologically attracted to people who look healthy. According to Live Science, a lot of different factors go into whether or not we’re attracted to someone. Men have actually been found throughout the years to be more enticed by women who have what one would call ‘childbearing’ hips.

In regards to attraction Psychology Today wrote as follows:

fit with ours. If we protect ourselves by being quiet or withdrawn, we may choose partners who are more pursuing and aggressive. If we are insecure or clingy, we may choose partners who are aloof or less available—people we have to chase. If our defense is to try to control everything around us, we may choose a partner who is passive and eager for guidance. In a sense, we fit with these people not because their patterns perfectly complement ours, allowing us to get closer, but because the way our defenses line up actually sustains our individual defenses and serves to keep each of us at a certain, safe distance.

They continue forth to touch on our attachment styles and the way our defenses form around them. We all have our patterns and this can cause us to get stuck in bad relationships or good relationships depending on how they play out. The world we live in teaches us about what we should and shouldn’t consider being attractive and while this varies sometimes, it really plays into things.

A study from back in 2016 found that men with higher levels of testosterone were more attracted to women with feminine faces. This according to their descriptions meant someone with big eyes, high eyebrows, and so forth. This meaning a man with high levels of testosterone is going to be attracted to a feminine face at first glance.

It has also been noted throughout the years that we tend to be attracted to people who resemble our caregivers from when we were small. This is something known as positive se*ual imprinting and lots of different creatures do it, not just humans. According to The Conversation on average women choose partners who look at least a little bit like their fathers and vice versa for men and women who look similar to their mothers. These similarities could be something as small as hair length, height, eye color, hair color, or be more extreme in other ways.

There is a lot that we do not know in the world of attraction but in regards to the things we do know, a lot seems to make sense. For more on this topic please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think makes you attracted to the people you’re attracted to?