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We all see and hear a lot of great things about essential oils but you can’t just dive into using them without doing your own research. Lots of people have seen the negative side of using essential oils because they were not educated enough on the topic at hand before trying them out.

One woman who made headlines just last year and even spent some time speaking out about the use of essential oils. Her name was Elise Nguyen and she shared her experience in a Facebook post. In her photos, you could clearly see her skin was blistered and burned badly on her wrists and neck.

Nguyen said that she had applied the oils to her body before getting in a tanning bed and ended up with this reaction the next day. At first, it was a simple reaction that she thought was not going to be anything serious but it quickly turned into a chemical burn. Stacy Haluka another woman who has experienced this kind of thing says that she was actually infusing her water with citrus oils and lathering them all over her skin.

She just a few months in noticed welts all over her abdomen and neck. Her eyes ended up quite swollen and she had a severe reaction on a toxic level. You have to be careful when using essential oils. You need to be aware of where your essential oils are coming from and what is in them if something says its all natural that doesn’t mean it is. Usually, the best essential oils won’t be the cheapest ones you find at your local stores.

Certain oils can cause skin irritations if used in too high of a concentration and they should almost always be diluted when being used depending on the oils you have. If you are someone with sensitive skin it is important to do a patch test to see if you have any kind of reactions to the oils before really pouring them all over your body.

Even if it might seem silly there are recommended daily doses of each kind of oil for a reason. Some you can use for months on end and others you have to give your body a break from. You should also be cautious when ingesting essential oils as some can cause irritation.

Below you will find a video with information on how to safely use essential oils. As with anything you can’t just assume it’s safe because it sounds safe. Essential oils can be extremely beneficial if used correctly.

(Image Via: WebMD)