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Each phase of the moon is spiritually significant, with its unique energy that can be used to propel us forward in life. The quarter moon is most often associated with a drastic sense of urgency towards action, and with this one falling under Taurus, there is a major transition that is occurring.

As the moon begins to wax its way to full, it slowly builds from new to full. Along the way, it reaches its quarter phase. Under the quarter moon, because we feel so compelled to make changes and take actions to push us towards our goals, we also have a surge of creative energy.

If you are wondering how that will affect your zodiac sign, here is a weekly horoscope to show you its impact.


While you are quite often one of the most active signs of the zodiac, the quick surge of creative inspiration may have you feeling a bit stuck. With so many thoughts zooming around in your mind, you may be unsure of which direction to go. Rather than getting caught up in your mind, it may be best to start making baby steps and working your way through the inspiration. You’ll thank me later.


With this quarter moon falling under your sign, you will feel the call to action much louder than others. However, following this call to action, you may get a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, which could cause you to backstep. Pull yourself out of your mind and you will be unstoppable.


The Quarter Moon in Taurus will be pushing you extra hard in your career. In turn, you may find yourself working extra hard on a new work project or promotion. Due to the creative inspiration being pushed by this moon, you will likely have more to contribute to your workspace, so listening to your gut, and your intuition will take you far.


While the quarter moon may be a call to action for some, it will be a push to retreat to solace for you. And that’s okay too. All of these new ideas will have you focusing on tasks and aspects of your journey that are important to your growth. So, it’s perfectly fine to take some much-needed time for reflection so you can create the right plan for you.


Lately, you’ve been feeling a bit stagnant, and in turn, falling back on some bad habits. But, this quarter moon will have you reconsidering how your actions affect your life, pushing you to make important changes. Listen to this call to action and use it to empower you.


While you are a go-getter, you are also inclined to be lazy until the time comes for you to get the job done. This month is much like that for you, but the energy of the quarter moon in Taurus will be pushing you to get a jump start on everything you have been procrastinating on.


You are often weighing the pros and cons of everything, but this transit will have you letting go of your worries and trudging forward to action. Listen to that instinct, it’s okay to act spontaneously and to trust your gut. Doing so will help you finally take the steps needed towards a goal that you’ve been pushing back.


During this transit, your thoughts will be clearer than ever, allowing the creative energy from the quarter moon to send you a surge of intellectual thought. Due to this, you are going to have several creative ideas to apply to your career and in your home. Be sure to write them down, and you will end up putting all of the best thoughts into play.


While your creative impulses haven’t been coming as often as they once did, this transit will have you surging with inspiration. Be careful not to let this pass without action, or you will have a million unused and worthy ideas.


While this transit is a call to action, it is also known to push some deeply into their thoughts. However, this simply isn’t the case for you. And if you are surrounded by signs that do end up slowed down by this transit, you will likely end up frustrated and impatient. Try to focus on the actions you can take, and let the rest fall to the wayside.


As an overthinker, you often find yourself thinking about anything and everything at any given time. Because this transit will be pushing several new ideas your way, it may be easy for you to end up stuck. If you resist the temptation to allow laziness to take hold, this transit can be beneficial for your growth.


As one of the more spiritually attuned zodiac signs, any major shift in regards to the moon affects you on a deep level. This shift is going to inspire you on many levels, pushing you to take action and to retreat when needed. The only thing you should keep in mind is the strive for a balance between the spiritual and the practical, and you will come out of this transit like a boss.

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