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The Quadrantid meteor shower is about to peak and with that, we need to be looking at the astrological side of things. Sure, it might just be a bunch of space rocks passing us by but the energies behind it hold a lot for us.

Before we dive into the energies behind this kind of event lets go over what you need to know about the Quadrantids themselves. For one this shower is the first one of 2020 and will be peaking on the night of January 3rd. Shooting stars will be visible from the late evening hours and well into the dawn of January 4th itself.

We will not have to worry about the moon drowning out anything and will be able to catch anywhere from 50-100 meteors per hour. This shower is one that usually puts on a great show and has a radiant point just under the Big Dipper itself. If you like to make wishes on shooting stars, you won’t want to miss this mesmerizing sight.

Now, the energies behind this kind of event are something not a lot of people dive into. Astrologically meteor showers hold deep meaning. They can represent a lot of different things for each of us. In many cases, they offer us a chance to find a sense of wisdom and push us to look within ourselves to create new things.

Meteor showers are very symbolic for a number of reasons and bring forth a deep sense of really coming back full force and making the most of the time we have left here with one another. The great mysteries that once surrounded them were something we in the past would celebrate. Whether you believe as some groups of people do or not, there is no denying the energetic charge that comes off of events like this in the celestial world.

It is also important to note that peak is happening on the 3rd which for those who do not know in numerology is a powerful number. The number 3 itself is all about abundance and feeding into our creative potential which works well with the energies noted above. This whole event, as a result, will bring us to a place of deeper optimism and make us more willing to move through 2020 in a place of positivity.

Sure, you might feel like you’re being caught off guard but the truth is that is nowhere near the case. Your body has been preparing for these energies for quite some time now. The opportunities before you are things that will help you really get where you need to be. Whether you view this shower or allow it to pass by unnoticed, it will still bring forth some kind of effects in your life.

Don’t underestimate the powers the celestial world has over us. We are in a place right now where growth is inevitable. Embrace all that is before you and let the world know who you truly are. Are you going to be watching these shooting stars as they pass?