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Colors are such an amazing miracle. It simply fascinates me how light can reflect on a surface and cause something so beautiful to show in its place. However, that isn’t the only amazing thing about color.

Colors are everywhere: green grass, a rainbow variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and even the Sun, the producer of the light particles that cause color, shows a bright and shiny yellow in the sky above.

And everyone has a favorite. Even if that color is black, we all have a color that we gravitate towards. What’s yours? Mine is a tie between peach and turquoise, I simply cannot choose. With that being said, did you know that your favorite color has a lot to say about who you are on a psychological level?

Color psychology is actually pretty fascinating once you dive into it. Even marketing and advertising departments use color psychology to push us to buy things. However, color psychology goes even deeper than that. Depending on what colors we see in a given moment, our mood can physically change.

Based on various studies, each color has its own personality. And because the things we gravitate toward reflect aspects of ourselves, your favorite color has a lot to say about who you are as a person. If you don’t believe me, check out your favorite color below.


Those who love red are extremely intense individuals. They love adventure and trying new things, and they are extremely spontaneous. Because they are bored easily, they tend to be a bit impulsive, and some would even go as far as to say they are intimidating.


People whose favorite color is orange tend to be very social and loving. They can often be found in deep and meaningful conversations, and they are the type of people that can easily bring joy to others when they are feeling down. Additionally, those who love orange are also highly productive individuals.


If yellow is your favorite color, you tend to be on the optimistic side. While others may see the glass half empty, you see it half full. You don’t care too much for complaining, gossiping, or negative thinking, instead, you prefer to spread joy.


Those who love the color blue are very dependable individuals. They are trustworthy and compassionate and are peacemakers. They can’t stand to see anyone going through a hard time and will stand by their side and encourage them and support them through.


Lovers of the color green are practical individuals. Rather than thinking optimistically or pessimistically, they realize there is a rational side to things. They are good with money and truly love to help other people. And they also love nature.


Those who love purple are quick-witted and unique. They don’t care to be like anyone else and tend to think outside of the box. They enjoy new experiences and are also extremely creative.


If pink is your favorite color, you have a fun and playful way about yourself. You never take things too seriously, and could even be accused of being naive. You are extremely loving and devoted to your family and friends.


Those who love the color white are peaceful individuals. They tend to be on the quiet side and like to keep things in order. They cannot stand messes or chaos, and especially despise drama.


If your favorite color is black, you take things very seriously. You are a strong individual who is often thought of as bold. You don’t mind taking risks if the potential pay-off is viewed as worth it. And while people find you somewhat intimidating, you are actually very trustworthy.