In recent times the moon has been conjunct with Mars and while not many know the energies that it brings, it is still affecting us even now. This event happened roughly seven days ago and will happen again in 22 days.

If this is in your birth chart then chances are you’re dealing with a lot of passion and emotions right now. These energies don’t die down for a few weeks and are quite intense. They can awaken a lot within us and well, for some they’re a bit confusing. 

Now in regard to this transit as a whole Astrology King has written as follows but it’s important to keep in mind things can vary from instance to instance:

Moon conjunct Mars transit makes you feel strong, sexy and brave. You can take the initiative and act with passion when your emotions are aroused. Your quick instincts and fighting spirit can be used to defend your home and family.

Without a just cause to stand up for it will be difficult to control your strong emotions. If you start to feel irritable, impatient, bossy or mean, it is a signal that you need to back off and try to relax. If you remain in an agitated state you are likely to lose your temper or act irrationally.

If you can’t calm down then try to expend your energy on something or someone you really care about. This could range from cleaning your house to giving a loved one an invigorating massage.

This whole ordeal is quite intense and can for some bring out our stubborn sides. There is a lot more to it than most people tend to realize and it holds them back rather than pushing them forward as a result. Depending on the sign this ordeal is present in it could mean more or it could mean less. 

We as a whole need to start paying more attention to the smaller things that are happening. Sure new moons and full moons are important but so are the tiny little transits we otherwise would overlook. Sometimes the smallest events bring forth the largest energies.

Things like this should be prepared for just as much as anything else in the celestial world. We should be grounding ourselves and doing our best to keep our energies as clean and clear as possible. Sure, this might sound a bit odd to some but if you’re energy sensitive you know exactly what I am talking about and how powerful some of these celestial events can be.

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