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As we move forth into November, things are going to be pretty intense. This month is one that brings a lot of powerful moments with it, and we should be looking forward to t.

On the third Mercury will be going direct and from there we will be facing things like Mercury Square Saturn and even the Sun Trine Neptune. While those events might not sound like much they will be setting a more calming mood for the up and coming 11/11 numerological energies we will be facing on the eleventh of November. For those who do not know, this date is one that helps us grow in ways we otherwise would not be capable of.

The double eleven is a powerful angel number and when it is present in our lives we are offered a lot of passion and reminded that our guardians are here with us. The intense presence of those looking over us will be even more so on this date. This master number as a whole is one that allows us to tap into higher realms and resonate more properly with our higher selves on a level like nothing else.

On this date, it is as if a portal of light becomes open and from there we should bask in it all we can while it remains working to close itself back. We are during this time able to support our ascension processes much quicker and really become more aware of ourselves and our own consciousness as a whole. During this period you should work to let go of the old and face new beginnings.

Once this gateway closes about a week after the date of the eleventh, we will be facing all kinds of things in the celestial world. There will be a New Moon on the 15th and so much more. There are three planets going direct this month Mercury as noted above, Mars, and even Neptune. This month is going to be full of growth and the more you embrace it the higher you will climb.

What do you think about all of this? Are you ready for all that November holds? I for one am well prepared and content overall. This month is one that we should all allow to take hold of our lives and from there really figure out where we want to place ourselves in the future. Things are not always as simple as we would like for them to be but this month is one we should look forward to.