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When it comes to astrology not everyone realizes that we all have signs outside of our sun sign. If you’re interested in being with someone looking at their natal chart can really help you better understand who they are and what kinds of things they might enjoy.

For those who do not know a natal chart is an astrological chart generated based on the location, date, and time you were born. This is something that shows you what signs all of the celestial bodies were present within when you were born. Each of these different signs reveals different things about you and depending on whose chart you’re looking at can be quite beneficial when it comes to figuring other people out.

When it comes to the perfect date or best possible experience for making a good impression on someone you might want to be with, you should take a peek at their natal chart. In doing this you are capable of learning what things they might find fun and what things they might want to completely avoid. Click here to generate your natal chart (or someone else’s) and from there look to the moon sign for this side of things.

Below I am going to go over the things that the moon sign might say about your potential crush and what you should take away from this. We’re not all as complicated as you might assume. The more you dive into astrology the more you really come to understand about the people around you.

Aries Moon

Those With an Aries Moon want things to be planned out in advance. You can’t call them up last minute and try to make a trip somewhere. They need things to be as stable as possible. While the amount of money going into the date doesn’t matter the thought that you put into it makes a difference.

Taurus Moon

Those with a Taurus Moon want you to really go out of your way to make them feel special. They want you to sweep them off of their feet and make them feel amazing. You can make the smallest gesture into something truly amazing if you put some effort into it. He or she wants you to ensure that they know they’re important in your life.

Gemini Moon

Those with a Gemini Moon love to be shown how amazing they are. They want you to show them something they haven’t experienced anymore. The more original the idea is that you bring to the table the more excited they will be.

Cancer Moon

Those with a Cancer Moon are not going to be complicated at all. The fact that you’re spending time with them at all is enough for them. They won’t care what you end up doing as long as you’re doing it together. Taking them somewhere simple and talking to them about their day is more than enough.

Leo Moon

Those with a Leo Moon are going to want you to put all the focus on them. The more thought you put into things the better. They need to be treated like the amazing treat that they are. You have to really go out of your way for people with Leo Moons.

Virgo Moon

Those with a Virgo Moon are a bit more frustrating when it comes to figuring out. They want to go do something fun but can’t handle a lot of people. You have to find something that they don’t get to do a lot and then present them with the idea before settling the plans in concrete. For those with Virgo Moons, the best thing you can do is ask them what they like to do and find something that could be similar but is still ‘different.’

Libra Moon

Those with a Libra Moon are confusing in a lot of ways. They want to go out and have a lot of fun. You might not see them as serious party people but they are. The more outgoing your idea for a date is the more likely it will be that this Libra Moon will show up.

Scorpio Moon

Those with a Scorpio Moon are all about going on overnight trips. They love to get out and away from everything for at least a couple days. Your first experience with them is going to be interesting, to say the least. Perhaps camping or something of the sort would be right up their alley.

Sagittarius Moon

Those with a Sagittarius Moon are hard to plan dates for because they’ve already done so much. They love being surprised and are all about spending time with other people. Group dates can be sometimes the best option when it comes to these people but of course, that needs to be taken on a case by case basis.

Capricorn Moon

Those with a Capricorn Moon are a lot more sincere than most other people. They like to get out of the norm and take things to a seriously sentimental level. Perhaps visiting a museum or taking them to a nice garden for a picnic would be your best options.

Aquarius Moon

Those with an Aquarius Moon are often under a lot of pressure. They love to break free from that and come out of their comfort zone as often as possible. Ask them for suggestions and go from there. Sometimes taking the ideas presented to you is your best option. They know exactly what they want.

Pisces Moon

Those with a Pisces Moon are all about the artsy things. You should take them somewhere that they can see more of the creativity they try to lock inside. The quicker you do this the quicker they will be at opening up to you. You’d be surprised at how easily those with Pisces Moons are to get to know.