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When it comes to love there are a lot of things we can end up doing wrong. Learning from the mistakes we’ve made throughout 2018 we can all move into 2019 looking at love in a different way.

Love makes everything better and when you’re doing it right you’re on the path to great things. Sure, we all make mistakes but learning from those mistakes speaks volumes. As we move into 2019 each zodiac sign needs to make some changes in their love lives so that they can promote positivity within their relationships. Whether you’re single now or in a committed relationship making changes can and will benefit you.


Let go of the past and stop letting the things you’ve been through upset you. Your significant other is not going to do the things to you that your past loves have, be guarded but don’t ruin things without reason. You cannot put the actions of others onto this person. If you do that it will only ruin the good things before you.


Open your heart up and let the people who are trying to be with you in. Closing yourself off isn’t going to do anything for anyone and will only hold you back. While you have been through a lot the whole 2018, the year to come is going to be a lot better if you come out of your shell.


Spend some time on your own needs you matter more than you realize. While your significant other might need you and may be going through a lot you shouldn’t put yourself at risk. If distance will help, get the distance that you need.


Stop being a doormat other people shouldn’t be walking all over you whether you care about them or not. If they really wanted to be in your life they wouldn’t be treating you the way that they do. Cut ties with the people who are being mean to you, if they actually loved you they would not be taking advantage of you.


Think more and do less stop letting things go too far. When it comes to romance and love you tend to allow yourself to get way in over your head far too quickly. The more you think before you act, the better your 2019 will be.


Stop putting things off and make time for the people who love you. If you wanted to be with the people you care for the most you would make time for them. Stop making excuses and get shit done!


Focus on communication and really make sure you’re showing your emotions to the people who need to see them. For the past few months, you’ve been way too closed off and it is straining your relationship. Open up and really let the people in who care for you, they aren’t going to judge you as much as you think they will.


Set more boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them. You’ve lost sight of who you are and have been putting your own needs behind those of your partners. This should not be happening! If you want love to function properly for you in 2019 you need to get your personal power back.


Open up for once and let the person who you’re interested in see you for who you are. They will not judge you in the ways you think they will. They are trying so hard to let you see them and if you don’t change things soon you might lose them. You are getting the best of them and they want the best of you as well.


Be more supportive of those you love and make sure they know how much you care for them. If you don’t show your appreciation for them soon you might lose them. They aren’t going to wait around forever and if you’ve been busy lately they might have really felt like you haven’t been there for them properly.


Stop playing the victim you are not always as innocent as you make yourself out to be. Take yourself out of your body at least in your own mind and look at things from a different perspective. How would you feel if the person you care about was treating you the way that you treat them?


Stop giving unsolicited advice while you are a couple and you should give one another advice here lately you’ve been a bit too critical. Be more supportive and caring. Stop acting like things have to always go your way, sometimes you just have to let things happen in the ways that they happen and deal with it.