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Numerology for those who do not know is all about the power of numbers. All numbers mean different things and when you see certain numbers in your life diving into what they mean for you could be quite important.

When it comes to numerology there are good and bad numbers. The more numbers you see the more you should dive into them and if you’re seeing one often you shouldn’t be overlooking it. Unlucky numbers or ‘bad’ numbers as some people like to say are not necessarily all bad, but they are quite scary to come across because they mean things that can bring negative things into our lives. That being said, this in itself is all about growth, and we should not forget that.

Most of the time we see a lot of articles going over positive numbers in numerology but below I am going to break down the meanings of some of the ones that most have deemed ‘unlucky’ these numbers are confusing and frustrating, but they’re not going to break you apart. You can still get through the things before you if you really work hard enough to make the most of the energies before you. Have you been seeing any of these numbers in your day-to-day life?

11 Unlucky Numbers In Numerology:

Number 4

The number 4 is one that holds us back in some ways. It is a very limiting number and refuses to allow creativity to flow properly. When this number is present it likely represents that you’re stuck in a rut and unwilling to get out of that rut. This number is not one that works well with others and overall depending on where you are in life, it can really hold you back.

Number 7

The number 7 has good and bad sides which not everyone realizes. This number is secretive, withdrawn, and closed off. It holds a very toxic energy that pushes us to create distance in places we otherwise wouldn’t. Sure, it can be positive in some ways but its negative side is not something we should ignore.

Number 9

This number is one that holds a bit of cynical energy with it. This number represents big changes and those changes can be quite scary. It reminds us that we are in a transition period and that can be both good and bad depending on how you look at it. When you see this number it might make you feel as if you’re about to fall and that is not something anyone wants to face.

Number 13

The number 13 is often thought to be quite unlucky for a lot of reasons. It has a lot of superstition surrounding it, and I am sure you are already aware of that. That being said, not everyone agrees on this and that is where this number seems to gain controversy.

Number 18

The number 18 when it comes to numerology is one that tells us you are going to have trouble with forgiveness and hold lots of grudges. It signifies a serious transition and not in a positive manner. You are going through delays and things of that nature that are breaking you down and how you handle them defines a lot.

Number 26

The number 26 is not necessarily one we see all the time but in life it could show just how cold you’ve become. You are not able to see others as you should and it is breaking things down that you are not able to realize just yet. This number while considered a bit unlucky should also serve as a wake-up call for those who find it.

Number 39

The number 39 is a number that should in some ways serve as a warning. It shows us that something bad is near or going to happen, and we should perhaps work to move forth while remaining aware. That being said, you may drive yourself mad trying to understand what is before you.

Number 44

The number 44 is one that while incredible at healing also breaks down things that you may hold dear. This number when we see it could signify the end of something you truly feel you need and that’s never easy to face. The way this one plays out makes all the difference.

Number 63

The number 63 might not sound like much and might be a number of tolerance but that’s not all it is. It holds so much within and really breaks things down in a way that many find it hard to understand properly. This number could be showing you that people around you are using you and your kindness wrongfully and perhaps also push you to distrust others on a level you otherwise would not consider.

Number 71

While the number 71 is a very introspective number and often holds deeply to our intuitive side it is also a number that shows us you expect far more than you should. You through this are holding yourself back and there could be a lot of growth going overlooked because of this as a whole. I know, that might not sound like much but it can be a very dangerous mixture.

Number 81

The number 81 is the last on this list and it is a number that is the mirror of the number 18. It is destructive in nature and can really break down your own thoughts and how you feel as a person moving forth. If you normally have a positive outlook, this number may be enough to change that for the worst. I for one think it is one of the worst numbers to come across but it does hold a deep lesson within.