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When you’re dating someone you should be taking your own emotions as well as theirs into consideration with all that you do as should they. Moving forth everyone within the relationship should be cared for properly and able to feel content and comfortable.

That having been said, not all relationships go over like this and not everyone has the communication levels built up with one another to correct relationship unhappiness once it begins setting in. If you are unhappy within your relationship if you never speak up nothing will ever change, and you need to know that. Now, when it comes to figuring out if your partner is happy or not things can be a bit tricky.

There are tons of signs you can look for when trying to figure out where you and your partner stand with one another but if you don’t know what those signs are they won’t do you any good. Sure, the list goes on and on but overall the main or biggest sign that your partner is unhappy would have to be his/her withdrawal or distance from you. While it might be driven from something they’re going through and not be necessarily stemming from something you’ve done, it can drive a serious wedge between the two of you.

When your partner draws away, he or she will leave you wondering what is happening and when no explanation is found, it can become quite the problem. If your partner is withdrawing and showing signs of being unhappy chances are you’re not too happy either. You most likely feel like the relationship is falling apart and you’re stuck unsure of how to move forward or if moving forward is possible.

A lot of the time we end up feeling like we’ve invested too much of ourselves and our time into a relationship to move on and it leaves us fighting for something that perhaps we shouldn’t be fighting for. If your partner is leaving you feeling misunderstood, drained, and insecure is there a reason to stay? That being said, sometimes we don’t notice the things our partners are going through and all the while assuming things are going great he or she is feeling as if the connection between the two of you is falling apart.

The closer you become the trickier relationships end up being and I think that really throws some people off. If your partner is unhappy in the relationship he or she might want to constantly argue or fight with you and perhaps you might even notice that a lot of things regarding their life is hidden from you. These things should not be ignored.

If you’re always worried about the what-ifs and the things that could be there isn’t any room for growth between the two of you. To learn more about when it might be time to end things please take a peek at the video below. While this might all come across as a bit frustrating the more clear you become with these things the better you will be for it.