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As you may know, there is going to be a new moon on the 24th of this month. This new moon will be in the sign Aquarius and while it will hold some positive energies it will also bring forth a lot of tension and mood swings.

This new moon is going to bring forth something unique for each of us but if we don’t use the energies we’re facing properly we will end up having a rough experience as a whole. While this new moon is not quite here yet, the energies that come with it are making their way forth and surrounding us on a core level. Not a lot will be certain during this time, but we can and will make it through.


During this new moon, you are going to be reflecting more than usual. You are missing something that you need in order to find the success that you seek. Perhaps things are hiding in a place you’d least expect them to be. Through slowing down you might come face to face with exactly what you need.


During this new moon, you are going to be feeling pretty lucky. Just keep in mind that while things are going good right now you have to keep working at them if you want them to continue. You can’t put your fruit all in the same basket and then leave it alone, you have to nurture it otherwise it will rot.


This new moon will have you feeling pretty anxious. You’re facing something that is going to make you wonder whether you need to voice your opinion or not. Perhaps being assertive right now is not the best option for you.


While this new moon is present you need to try to be more open-minded. While you’re normally surrounded by drama and constantly feeding into it change is coming. You are on your way to maturing and you need to embrace this side of things with open arms.


This new moon is going to have you feeling like you’re failing but you’re not. While things are falling apart they are doing so in a way that lets you grow. If these things don’t happen all the great things to come won’t have room to produce properly. Keep this in mind moving forward.


The coming new moon is finally going to get you where you need to be. You’ve been stressing a lot lately and things are finally going to be paying off. Maybe the tension you’ve been feeling romantically is going to fade off and you’re going to be able to let your charming side out for once.


This new moon will be a bit complex for you but not something you can’t handle. It’s going to bring you to question your relationships with the people closest to you. Perhaps now is the time to cut ties with someone you otherwise would be heavily relying on.


This new moon will provide you with all you need to finally break free of the cycles you’ve been facing. While you’ve felt stuck for a long time now that’s all about to change. Don’t let the people closest to you hold you back right now, it is your time to shine.


The coming new moon is going to highlight parts of your life that you need to work on. You’re stuck in a situation that needs to be worked through and you’re not going to be happy until you get things situated. Stop wasting time.


This new moon will be allowing you to finally face forward in a positive manner. You’re going to be looking at how much you’ve grown and where you’re headed now. The future for you looks quite grand, embrace these energies while you can.


The coming new moon is going to have you feeling a bit like you’re out of place and unable to find happiness. This is because for months now you’ve been feeding into things you shouldn’t have been feeding into. You’re about to face a drastic shift and you need to be willing to allow it to make things happen in your life.


The coming new moon is going to remind you to love yourself. Stop letting your insecurities get the best of you. The more you show your vulnerable side to those who matter the more positive things will end up being in your life. If you don’t express yourself with the people who care you’ll never be able to find a way to feel better as a whole.