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It’s my favorite time of year, yet again: the new moon in Virgo! This time will be a much-needed reset button for everyone, and it will help each of us in a different way; here’s what it means for your zodiac sign!

Each month (roughly 28 days) the moon cycles from new to full. Each cycle has its own energetic vibe, with new moons providing us with the ability to start fresh, set new intentions, and make a plan for the next 28 days. The full moon provides us with its intuitive energies and also brings our goals to full-on fruition.

With that being said, each new moon and the full moon fall under a specific zodiac sign, which only adds to the energy. I love the Virgo new moon the most because, during the Virgo new moon, we have the chance to align with our goals, reprioritize, clear out clutter and get a brand-new start, just in time for fall.

Here’s what that energy has in store for each zodiac sign.


Lately, you may be feeling a little out of the groove. But don’t despair, everyone has their bad days, and this new moon is especially powerful for you. Take time to truly reconnect with your higher self, and take note of what is and what isn’t working for you. The energy of the new moon in Virgo will help you to realign with your core values and get back on track.


While you may be feeling the need to control and micro-manage everything around you, it’s time to have a major sit down with yourself. You like to hold yourself to a higher standard – but enough is enough. Take a break and reassess yourself and your current path. It may be tempting to keep your schedule full- but it will only lead to burnout.


Look forward to a boost of productive energy, and a major focus on the future ahead. Your mind is filled with inspiration and ideas, you only need to pick a path and stick to it. You are also likely yearning to connect and socialize- and you are picky about who you let into your circle. There’s no harm in that- just be sure to network with the right people, as inspiration is likely to come through an important contact.


New things are coming for you in the professional realm- but don’t spontaneously jump into a new career just yet. Instead- stay on your current path, but start to make adjustments that align you with your higher interests. You must be the change you wish to see in the world, and this phrase holds true for you now, more than ever.


Now is the time to truly check in with your belief system. You may be yearning to learn and to grow, or to share your knowledge with the world. Regardless- it’s time for growth & focus. Try to look for new ways to express your truth, and look forward to changing. Without risk, you may see no reward.


You may be feeling tempted to move forward from your past mistakes and pretend as though they didn’t happen. In doing so, you will deprive yourself of an opportunity for growth and learning. Rather than hiding your mistakes, focus on how you can move forward from them empowered.


During this time, the limelight will be put on your relationships (friendships, romantic relationships, and family connections). If you’ve been holding onto a grudge or refusing to budge in a situation in which a compromise is possible, it’s time to let go of your pride and go for it. You may also be feeling the urge to spend time with your favorite people- take it. Just make sure you keep an open ear and truly listen to them while they are talking. You are likely to connect on a level unlike any before.


It’s time to redefine your intention, Aries. Mind over matter is real, and regardless of whether you are aware of your intentions, they will be the determining factor of where you are headed. With that being said, that’s why it’s of the utmost importance to get clear on your intentions. Make a vision board for the most important aspects of your life & set clear goals. You will be unstoppable!


The new moon in Virgo is going to help Taurus get back on track. While you may be enjoying the finer things in life a bit too much lately, now is the time to get busy and get back to work. You may be feeling driven to work on your talents and passions- and your energy couldn’t be better placed.


Oh, Gemini! You are going to have an amazing time during the new moon. As we enter into Virgo season full force, you are truly feeling secure and grounded, and it’s about damn time. All of the newfound stability is pushing you to focus on what truly makes you happy and to become clear on your next steps towards making that happen.


Virgo’s energy is pushing you to become clear and concise in your communication, and you may even be feeling the need to finally let something off your chest. This is all well and good- just gather your thoughts, and choose your words wisely. Right now is a time of positive growth- and if letting something off your chest allows you to move forward in the right direction, do it.


Now is the time to shift your focus towards your finances. Sit down and make out a clear budget, and if you are feeling driven to ask for a raise, go for it. You may often cut yourself short when it comes to your money mindset, and Virgo is begging you to broaden your horizons.